Tips to Get More Out of The Box Engagement Photos

With the holidays just around the corner, engagement season is nearly upon us! Whether you’re already engaged or planning for it, we wish to share a few tips on how to nail your engagement pictures. Besides hiring the best engagement photographer in Los Angeles, keep these tips in mind before your pre-wedding/engagement shoot:


Do not wear anything that you aren’t comfortable with.

You’ve probably read this tip hundreds of times already, but it truly is the most crucial to follow. If you pick an outfit that is too tight or too saggy, you might spend the entire session picking at your outfit trying to readjust it. Now, let’s say you decide to pick something you’ve never worn before. Most likely, you’ll be concerned with how you’ll appear in it or you may find that the new outfit you chose to wear is more uncomfortable than you thought. Trust us, this will not go unnoticed. It will be visible throughout your pictures so please, avoid the uncomfortable and feel good about yourself and what you decide to wear. However, if you do decide to wear something brand new, take it for a trial run. Bought new shoes for the photo shoot? Break them in beforehand. Picked out a new dress? Wear it out for a night to see if it would suit you for a photo shoot. And if you can’t decide which dress to wear, we suggest picking a dress that flows beautifully as it moves, particularly for an outdoor engagement photo session.

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Iron your clothes beforehand.

Make sure to de-wrinkle your outfits prior to your actual engagement photo session. An engagement photographer’s least favorite question is “can you just Photoshop that out afterward?” and usually having things such as wrinkles retouched in your pictures come at a surplus price per photo. Save yourself the stress & get wrinkle-free before our engagement session! We guarantee your photos will come out even more pristine.

And now, the best advice we can give when it comes to engagement photos is . . .


Make a day out of it!

Take advantage of the time you have within the day to make your engagement shoot extremely successful. Of course, in doing this, you’ll have ample time for portraits without feeling rushed, but what about the time before the photo session? Use that time to put yourself in the proper mindset. Here in Los Angeles, brunch is a major activity and you should take part in that. Sip on a mimosa or two with your fiancé and if that’s not your style, there are delicious and cozy coffee shops at every corner. Take your fiancé for a cold brew at a café and invite your engagement photographer in Los Angeles to meet you there. Prior to changing locations, be willing to take a few photos in such a setting.

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Finally, hire a professional photographer.

Your engagement is such a brief and special moment in your life, and you deserve to celebrate that time by taking lovely pictures together. We highly suggest booking your engagement pictures with your professional wedding photographer. This offers you a chance to get comfortable and connect with your photographer before your special day, making for even better pictures of your nuptial.

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