Tips to Learn French And Memorize New Information Efficiently

Learning any new foreign language like French requires a lot of memorization which is often adult memory is not used to it. So what is the best way to learn French? Check out the following tips before joining French classes in Los Angeles. These tips will help you memorize new information longer and learn the language more efficiently.


  • Always Involve Audio While Studying French

Before taking admission into online French classes in Los Angeles one thing that you need to realize is that written French and spoken French are two different languages. You can find several silent letters, liaisons and more in French verb conjugations and grammar. Traditional methods that involve written material for learning French aren’t that effective as listening to audios. It helps in communicating efficiently in French and not just to pass the exams. So pick the right French audio book today and start learning the modern spoken French.

  • Stay in Touch with Your Own Learning Style

How you study? What’s your style of study? Do you take notes while studying or listen more or by heart things? Whatever method suits you best when it comes to learning new things. Your learning style matters a lot here. However, learning French with audio is a must if you are learning the language to communicate fluently.

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  • Group Studies are Better than Self Study

As far as learning languages is concerned, not every student is the same. Many students can learn languages better than others, however that doesn’t make the other students less gifted in learning French. But self study is not for all! Many students possess the expertise of a teacher to guide others through studies, motivate them and explain the same point in a creative way. Online group language classes are your best bet here!

  • Try to Avoid translating French into English as much as possible

If you are a complete beginner, it is apparent that you will tend to translate a few words. But when you start advancing in your French studies try to avoid translation as much as possible.

  • Link French to Visual Situations and not English Words

Link your French vocabulary to visual situations, images, feelings and not to English words. Visual methods make learning easier and more interesting.

  • Prioritize What Entices You the Most

To make the learning a fun experience, make sure to learn via stories as much as possible. If you have a sharp memory then memorize everything. However, if that is not the case, Prioritize what words in the story you like to use the most! Focus on learning those words first and then rush back to the story once you have mastered your first list of words. You can apply the same logic to the tenses in conversation.

  • Study French Regularly

Studying French regularly instead of trying to learn it all in one sitting is highly recommended. Spend 15 to 30 minutes a day in learning French and not spending hours all afternoon else you will exhaust yourself and start losing interest in learning.

  • Do not Forget to Review the Older Notes

One mistake that students often make is they concentrate on learning new material and forget to review the older one! It can make your French learning more challenging. Spend at least one hour everyday to review older things before indulging in the newer materials.


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