Tips To Make Your Vacation Rental Stay With Your Pet Enjoyable

Nowadays, pet owners are increasingly bringing their pets with them when they travel. For many, this means staying at pet-friendly lodging like vacation rentals or cabins. However, it’s crucial to ensure you and your pet are fully prepared for the trip. Using common sense and following some basic tips will give you peace of mind that you and your pets will have a safe, happy vacation. Here are a few simple tips to ensure an enjoyable rental stay with your pet!

Choose the right accommodation for your needs and your pet’s needs.

Are you in search of pet-friendly vacation rentals in Florida? Opt for one that suits both you and your dog’s personality. If your energetic pup loves hiking and exploring, pick a rental near trails, scenic spots, and places to wander. For a less active pet, consider a more remote rental where you can watch the sunrise and sunset together from a deck or patio. If your water-loving pet wants beach or lake access, then prioritize rentals located right on the coast or shoreline. The perfect vacation rental for you and your pet provides amenities and location based on your individual needs and interests.

Respect The Designated Pet Waste Areas in the Property

When checking in to your rental accommodation, inquire about designated pet bathroom areas. Respect the property’s rules regarding pet waste, and follow recommendations on where your dog can relieve itself. Be sure to bring your waste bags, and clean up after your pet.

Play Around and Wear Them Out!

Ensure your pet gets enough exercise. Check with the vacation rental manager about the ideal spots near the property to walk or run with your pet. Ultimately, your pet will be more content and you will feel better as well.

Be Respectful of the Vacation Rental 

If your pets are allowed on furniture or beds, be sure to cover them adequately with blankets or towels. Also, if the pet-friendly rental has specific rules, please respect and follow them.

Should You Leave Your Pet Alone?

When in unfamiliar places, even the best-behaved pets may become noisy or destructive. Pet-friendly vacation rentals allow you to leave your pet alone, but only briefly when necessary. If you must leave your pet unattended, place a note on the front door indicating the pet is inside. This will alert anyone needing to enter the property. It’s best not to leave pets alone unless urgent.

Make Sure The Property is Fleas, Ticks & Odor Free When You Leave

Before traveling, bathe your pets with flea and tick shampoo and apply their usual flea and tick preventative medication. It will help ensure they are free of pests and odors that could lead to additional cleaning fees.

Be Prepared For The Accidents 

Your pets may never have had an accident inside before. But, mishaps can occur if they become stressed. Be prepared for possible accidents. Bring disinfectant and cleaning cloths to thoroughly clean any messes. This will help ensure you do not lose your pet deposit due to improper clean-up.

Keep Pets On a Leash

To keep your pet safe, make sure to keep them on a leash and avoid taking them into dining areas or other restricted places.


When staying at a vacation rental with your pet, kindly remember that you are a guest in someone else’s property. Respect the rental and its pet policies so that your trip is pleasant for all. Bluescape Vacations offers a wonderful selection of pet-friendly rentals ensuring an enjoyable, stress-free getaway for you and your furry companion. Visit today to learn more and start planning a perfect vacation!

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