Top 5 Go-To Designers Of Princess Diana

Seriously, no one worked a red carpet like the people’s princess Diana. From her wedding dress to her “revenge dress,” she rocked some seriously beautiful outfit all through the ‘80s and 90s. Her unique fashion won’t be forgotten soon, and both designers and celebrities still follow her iconic style today.

From her Sloane-ranger blazer and jeans combo to her sleeker 90s outfits, Diana’s style varied over the years, but there were a few brands she always went back to. Listed below are some of the go-to designers of Princess Diana.

Catherine Walker:

Catherine Walker was the people’s princess go-to designer be it a power suit or an evening gown. Some of her most popular outfits include, a powder pink ball gown, a Dynasty-esque green sequin dress and that pearl gown that was affectionately called ‘the Elvis dress’.



Prince Diana and Gianni Versace used to be very good friends, and she wore his designs a lot in the 90s. Diana eminently posed on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar wearing a decorative blue dress, and wore an embellished one-shoulder silk gown to a ball in Sydney in 1996.

Bruce Oldfield:

Princess Diana met Oldfield through her work at Barnardo's. She wore his couture outfits from the mid-80s to 90s. Some of his popular dresses princes Diana wore include an off-the-shoulder navy dress at a dinner in 1987 and gala in 1988. The dress was later auctioned for £45,000 at Christie’s.

Bellville Sassoon:

Many people don’t know that David Sassoon has created more than seventy gowns for Princess Diana over the course of 2 decades. The princess wore a bright floral- patterned outfit to visit kids in hospital, and a pink floral outfit for the christening of Prince William in 1982.

Roland Klein:

Did you notice Princess Diana wearing a Roland Klein suit & a hat by Philip Somerville on her arrival in Kuwait for a state visit in March 1989. Acknowledged for his understated chic, Klein designed clothes for Diana and Princess of Wales.


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