Top 5 Mandarin Slang Words to Learn In Your Chinese Class

When learning any language, it is critical to go beyond the textbook words and comprehend what is going on in reality with the locals. Learning Mandarin slang will significantly enhance your everyday communication in China. From texting your Chinese buddies to talk regarding the guy or girl you met previous night to understanding that someone is not literally talking about every cat & dog, educating the basics of Mandarin slang can save you a great deal of discomfiture.

Online Learning

Here are a few cool Mandarin slang words that you want to learn in your Chinese classes in Los Angeles.


94 is an instance of a phrase that has become very popular because of the internet & online chatting. It entails “exactly”, “precisely” or something along the lines of “I know.”


This is yet another Mandarin slang that has gained fame because of the internet. Just as GG represents “boy” or “brother”, MM abbreviates – (Mèimei – younger sister).

It can also symbolize (měiměi – pretty). When this slang is used, it generally has the implication of a young or beautiful girl, so be cautious when to use or not this phrase.


PMP stands for the term (pāimǎpì), which directly interprets to “patting the horse’s backside” and is correspondent to the English version of a bootlicker. Basically, it refers to someone who may just be cheering you and mayn’t be totally honest regarding the circumstance.

(suàn le):

This mandarin phrase means “forget it.” It is appropriate to use in many different circumstances, from meaning a casual “whatever” in typical situations to a more serious scenario.

(cáibù ne):

This is an idiom identical to “no way” or “not at all.” It’s commonly used like the English phrase “Of course not!”

The Chinese language continues to grow, change, and modernize. Here at Strommenwe’llensure that you stay at the forefront of new terminology & slang as well as formal Mandarin. Check out our schedule for online Chinese Classes in Los Angeles right now!