Top 7 Reasons for Carrying a Slim Front Pocket Wallet

You will agree with me that bulky back pocket wallets are a thing of the past. With a slim front pocket wallet, you can carry almost everything you need for your workday.

However, when I first heard of those slim front pocket wallets, I thought them to be one of those hipster things that people just want to happen. I was rock solid taking my back pocket wallet that I will never let it go.

Slim Front Pocket W

But the more I read about front pocket wallets, realization dawn that it is not just going to be a fad.

There are many legitimate points why front pocket wallets are better than a regular back pocket wallet.

I was once a non-believer like you. However, if something is presented to you with a host of benefits then I believe we should reconsider, right?

The Benefits of a Slim Front Pocket Wallet

To help you make up your mind, I am listing below the top reasons why one should go for a front pocket wallet and say goodbye their old ones.

Front pocket wallets are comfortable. If you own one of those bulky and large billfolds that you keep in your back pocket then you will agree with me that they do come with a little bit of discomfort. One can, of course, get used to the discomfort one day but the discomforts can later lead to much larger problems. Front pocket wallet designs are streamlined, which means you won’t have to experience any discomfort when sitting down again.

Slim Front Pocket Wallet

Front pocket wallets won’t ruin your jeans. Bulky back pocket wallets can ruin your jeans. The designs of slim front pocket wallets do not put any weight on the fabrics of your jeans. So they will not experience the same wear and tear as the traditional setup with a back pocket wallet.

Technologically advanced. Front pocket wallets are more likely to be technologically advanced in comparison to traditional wallets. Some front pocket wallets offer a certain level of security that most conventional back pocket wallets do not offer.

Secure. In comparison to back pocket wallets, front pocket wallets are much harder to pickpocket. This is because it is easier for us to notice any unwanted hand on our front pocket in comparison to your back pocket.

Built to last. Back pocket wallets take so much pressure and stress just by being in your back pocket. Front pocket wallets are likely to last longer as they are specially designed to suit the shape of your front pocket. So lesser stress is put from your pocket.

Slim Front Pocket Wallets

Convenience. Many people are comfortable in reaching down their back pockets every time they need something from their wallet. But until you try reaching to your front pocket for everything, you will never know how convenient it is.

It will make you more organized. The slim front pocket wallet designs cater to all card types, including ID cards, credit cards, etc. and comes with RFID-blocking facility. The front pocket wallet will let you stay organized and always give you easy access and overview of your various cards.


A slim front pocket wallet brings a plethora of benefits that we just cannot ignore. I think you will like the change.

Did we miss anything? Why do you carry a front pocket wallet? Mention them below.