Top Food Joints in Bhubaneswar That Everyone Must Try

The “Smart City” Bhubaneswar is a prominent hub for not just art and culture but also for a wide range of food joints. The charm and splendor of this city in eastern India draws numerous tourists from all across the globe. An enchanting holiday in Bhubaneswar generally consists of visiting some popular tourist attractions, shopping at some deluxe malls and of course check out its beautiful food scene.

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Silver Streak:

Silver Streak

With a couple of outlets in the city, Silver Streak is one of the most popular Chinese eateries in the city. In fact, this is the ultimate restaurant for all Chinese cravings. Comfortably located in BMC mall this restaurant remains jam packed especially on the weekends. Don’t forget to check out their special Pan Fried momos!

Mamma Mia:

Mamma Mia Cafe

This café in the Mayfair resort is the ultimate hangout spot for teenagers. Not just do they’ve the best bakery items in the city but they also serve some finest continental dishes. Your overall experience here will be fabulous!

Chill Umm:

Located in KIIT square, Chill Umm is the students’ favorite! You’ll hardly ever get a table on weekends here.

Brew Bakes:

If you are looking to sip on coffee with your friends, then look no further than Brew Bakes. The place is also known for its sandwiches, masala fries and an array of bakery products.

Lingraj Lassi:

With the summer season already there how can we forget the name “Lingraj Lassi” at Ram Mandir. Undoubtedly, they’ve the best lassi in town. Their flavored lassi is so tasty & fulfilling that you don’t want to miss if you are in town.

Biryani House:

For biriyani lovers, the Biriyani House opposite to the BMC Mall is a must visit. It’s a small restaurant which serves classic Biriyani combos. The prices here are also quite affordable!


Pahala Rasgullas

No list of Bhubaneswar food joint is complete without the mention of Rasgullas from Pahala. Here, you’ll discover a long queue of shops selling famous rasgullas on both sides of the highway. It’s simply an offense to not try this when you are in the town!

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