Top Qualities You Must Have As A Language Teacher

Just because you can speak a language, does not mean you can teach it well. So the most important question is: apart from your language skills, what else is critical to great language teaching? 

Let’s find out what are the quality you need to have if you are looking for language teacher jobs:

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Connect with your students:

The often ignored element to great teaching is your capability to connect with your students on a personal level, in ways that may have not much to do with the language you teach, the materials you employ or the precise educational methods you execute. The bonding you develop with learners may be just as critical as your knowledge in language. 

Learners feel comfortable and push their limit to learn and practice language when they feel valued and connected to their teacher. 

Customize the learning environment:

Great language teachers are capable of catering to the exact preferences and needs of each class and manage each classroom by applying adjustments that favour students’ language learning. A good instance of this is finding out what your learners relish the most, whether it is incorporating apps & tech, doing hands-on activities, practicing conversation or reading stories. Students are much more expected to learn & remember language patterns and vocabulary when they are enjoying themselves. 


It is a fact that being patient is one of the most important qualities of a teacher to help students conquer their learning difficulties that obstruct their progress. Yet, language teachers have to be more patient than any other subjects. 

We’ve to admit that learning a language isn’t that simple. Indeed, developing the essential skills to converse in a language may look an unreachable goal for many students because of their mistakes. 

So, regardless of what context you are teaching in or what objective you are targeting, the language learning process takes time and demands efforts from both the student and teacher’s end. 

As learning any language needs practice, you’re expected to push all students to speak, including those shy natured who never showed the courage to utter a word in front of others. It may look tough but your patience can help you in achieving that. It’ll give you support to stand against their confrontation to participation & get more upbeat to reach out to all of them. 

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