Tulle – The Finest Fabric for Flower Girl Dresses

Choosing a flower girl dress? What do you consider while buying any dress? Is it the color or the fabric? Both matter a lot but fabric should be given more priority as it will determine comfort. It is quite obvious that you will want your little flower girl to look the most gorgeous but she should feel comfortable too. Therefore, choosing a comfortable dress for your little girl is the best thing you can do. And when it comes to comfort, Tulle flower girl dresses are one of the best options available. Tulle fabric is breathable, fine, and lightweight which makes it an appropriate choice for your little flower girl.


About Tulle Fabric

Tulle fabric at times gets mistaken for netting, however, there is a difference between the two i.e. tulle is lighter than netting. Moreover, tulle fabric has smaller spacing between the threads, and is softer and smoother as compared to netting fabric.

Tulle also gets confused with chiffon. But while chiffon is a softer flowing fabric that makes the dress spin-worthy, tulle fabric is flouncy when layered, which adds more structure to the dress. Tulle flower girl dresses are perfect choices for little girls during weddings as these are comfortable as well as stylish. But do you know what is Tulle fabric made from? What is it used for? Let us find out more about this fabric below:

Tulle is a fabric that can be made from nylon, silk, polyester, and stretch fabric. This comfy fabric is used in the clothing industry in a variety of ways. Tulle fabric is used in skirts, fine lingerie, bridal veils, bridal gowns, and tutus. Also, this fabric is commonly used in wrapping party favors, floral arrangements, craft projects, and in-home decorations.

Caring for Tulle Fabric

Tulle is a fabric that can be embroidered. If you have chosen embroidered tulle flower girl dresses, then you need to be more careful as the fibers can get damaged if not cared for properly. Another essential thing that you need to note and remember is that you cannot wash a dress made from tulle in the washing machine. These dresses are meant only to be washed with hands. Tumbling in a washing machine can spoil the tulle fibers. Now that you know how to wash a tulle dress, now it is important for you to know how to iron these dresses perfectly. Remember that excessive heat can melt the tulle fabric, so make sure to iron your tulle dress (only if necessary) by keeping your iron set to the lowest and keep the iron moving over the fabric as it will help you prevent melting.

The best way to keep your tulle dress wrinkle-free is to get it dry-cleaned by professionals. Professional dry cleaners will have knowledge of how to get the wrinkles out.  If that is not possible for you then you can try an alternative i.e. hang the dress under the shower and run the shower on the hottest setting and the steam will get the wrinkles off your dress.

Did You Know? “Tulle” word comes from the name of the city Tulle in France. You can get the finest quality tulle dresses in this city.


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