Understanding Wedding Photography Styles: Three Components To Keep In Mind

Selecting a Palm Cove wedding photographer is undoubtedly one of the most challenging decisions to make during the wedding planning process. This difficulty arises not only due to the abundance of highly skilled photographers available but also because each photographer possesses their distinct style. To name a few are traditional/classic style, Photo journalistic, dark and moody wedding photography, Vintage-style, black and white photos, and much more!

Are you inclined towards a traditional or contemporary aesthetic? Perhaps you envision your wedding photos resembling those found in Vanity Fair or Vogue magazine or something in between? Rest assured, Tulieve Photography, the esteemed Palm Cove wedding photographers, are here to alleviate your concerns. Continue reading to discover the various popular wedding photography styles and their distinguishing features.


There are three key factors to consider when it comes to comprehending wedding photography styles.

The photographer’s approach. Are they inclined towards capturing artistic photographs? Do they have a penchant for pushing boundaries? Does their style lean towards the traditional and conservative? This is something that can be discerned by perusing the photographer’s galleries. However, it is not sufficient to merely glance at the initial few photos on their website! It is advisable to thoroughly explore an entire gallery of a wedding they have photographed. It helps you grasp their style.

The photographer’s equipment and format. This section may seem a bit complex, but it does have an impact on the style of photography. Which camera do they utilize? What kind of lenses do they possess? Do they employ digital, film, or a combination of both? It is crucial to consider the equipment when interviewing prospective Palm Cove wedding photographers.

The photographer’s editing and post-processing techniques. There is a wide range of software available exclusively for photography purposes, enabling the editing of photos in numerous ways. One can reduce the saturation to create a more somber atmosphere. Additionally, photographers have the option to apply filters to achieve a soft and ethereal appearance. Moreover, they can even overlay a design to transform your photos into captivating works of art.


Now you probably gain some insight into the factors that contribute to a photographer’s unique style. It is now time to delve into various popular wedding photography styles. However, it is important to note that styles often intersect. Expert Palm Cove wedding photographers excel in multiple styles. 

Therefore, rather than considering this list as the definitive guide to finding your ideal photo style, consider Palm Cove wedding photographers at Tulieve Photography as a valuable starting point. They will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse range of styles available. It enables you to narrow down your preferences and make an informed decision for your special day. No matter what style of photography you land on we offer the best to capture your wedding day.

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