Unveils its Expanded French Classes with a French Movie Night in Los Feliz, CA

Strømmen, the Los Angeles-based language school and tutor marketplace established in 2006, is inviting everyone interested in French culture and language to explore their wide range of French classes. With a focus on providing the best French language learning experiences since its inception, the company is expanding its French language offerings to accommodate every learner’s needs.

French Classes Los Angeles

“Language is the most powerful tool that humans possess. It breaks down cultural barriers, makes instant friends, and fosters compassion, both intrapersonally and on a global level. So join us in bettering yourself, and in the process we believe you will also be helping to make the world a  better place,” says the company’s mission statement. “We are building a marketplace that supports our tutors and students locally and helps them achieve their goals while continuing to foster the community we love.”

Extensive Range of French Classes

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your conversational skills, delve into business jargon, or start as a beginner, Strømmen has a class tailored for you. The company provides both online and in-person classes, making it a flexible option in today’s rapidly changing environment. Courses range from private sessions at an affordable rate of $35/hr to specialized corporate classes designed for team-building activities.

The Best French Tutors in the World

The uniqueness of Strømmen’s approach lies in its network of over 50 specialized French tutors. These tutors come from various regions of France, each bringing their distinct teaching methodologies and interests, ensuring students can find the perfect match for their learning journey.

Unmatched Reputation and Success

With more than 200 5-star reviews on Yelp, Strømmen stands as the highest-rated French language school in Los Angeles. The company also offers professional testing services to help students track their language proficiency, living up to their commitment to results-oriented learning.

In addition to language classes, Strømmen offers specialized dialect coaching and translation services in the French language. Their services have graced numerous film sets, assisting some of the most famous actors in perfecting their French accents.

Upcoming Events and Recognition

To celebrate their students and welcome newcomers, Strømmen is hosting a French Movie Night, free to all students. The event will feature wine and a classic French film, capturing the essence of French culture.

Adding to its accolades, the company recently won the Best of Silverlake award, further solidifying its position as a community favorite and a hub for cultural enrichment.