<strong>What are Some Easy Hacks to Know About False Eyelashes?</strong>

What are Some Easy Hacks to Know About False Eyelashes?

Do you want to go stylish and bold with lashes every day? Are you looking to amplify your facial appearance? You can consider the following easy hacks for false eyelashes to master the art of beautiful lashes!

Be cautious about the glue amount.

An excessive amount of glue is a cause of frustration when it comes to applying eyelashes. It’s natural to think that if they use more glue, they are going to stick; but that’s actually the opposite in reality.

Applying false eyelashes is actually a case where less is more. You can use the applicator to coat the vein of strip lashes with a thin glue layer and apply your lashes carefully. If you are unable to stick your lashes, apply a thin glue layer to your lash line to support them.

Look at a mirror to place it easily.

Do you feel like you can’t see what you’re doing while applying your eyelashes? Get a mirror and sit down at your kitchen table. Keep it directly in front of you and look down. You’ll see the full view of the lash line. It’s also easier to keep a steady hand while sitting down.

Remove false eyelashes gently.

Are you wondering how to properly remove false eyelashes? We can offer the following tips. As per your preferences and skin sensitivity, there are different methods to remove your falsies safely:

Use a quality glue remover.

Though most eyelash kits come with glue, they rarely contain glue remover. You can buy it from your beauty store or online. Follow the process here on how to remove fake lashes with glue remover:

  • First, take coconut oil or any makeup remover to remove your eye makeup. Never try to remove mascara. Instead, remove eyeshadow and eyeliner.
  • Apply glue remover with a cotton swab and rub the lash line gently without touching the lashes.
  • Focus on the base of your falsies and rub gently for at least 30 seconds.
  • Use your fingers to pull the false lashes at the inner corner of your eye. Start tugging and pulling outwards.
  • If lashes resist, use more glue removal and start the second stage of this process again.

Use makeup remover.

Are you looking to preserve the life of your lash? Want to wear them again? You should go for an oil-free makeup remover. Likewise with glue remover, you should start the process with eye makeup removal. Then move on to eyeliner and shadow and again go for rubbing the lash line with oil-free makeup remover. Pull them gently and then clean your lash line.

Stay patient.

Patience is key. When it comes to false eyelashes, it’s a golden rule to live by. After you apply the initial glue layer to the lashes and lash line, take a moment and count 40 in your head. Within this time, the glue will be tackier as it’s enough time to let it dry on the lash line. The additional tackiness will allow your falsies to bond to your lash line effortlessly.

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