What Are the Different Types of Timeless & Trendy Moroccan Rugs?

The Moroccan Berber rugs are the prevalent decorative element in Moroccan houses. It is an integral part of the country’s culture and is considered one of the finest gems of Moroccan creativity & artistry. Now it becomes a trend item for modern home decoration. It not only brings more beauty but comfort to your home. Each Berber tribe’s own taste is reflected in each Moroccan rug. The special flair for such Moroccan rugs demonstrates the Moroccan tribes, climate, and access to resources. Here’s some information about the most popular Moroccan rugs and why each of them is so unique.


Azilal Rugs

The hand-knotted Azilal rugs & carpets come with vibrant colors and rich symbolic patterns. The natural wool used in such hand-knotted Moroccan rugs is usually cream, ivory, white, or neutral in color, with brilliantly colored wool dyed with native flowers and plants. The Azilals usually use more geometric shapes in their handcrafted carpets. It comes with a luxuriously thick pile as well. They are perfect for adding a little more spice to a room.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Traditional Moroccan Ben Ourain rugs from the Middle Atlas Mountains feature muted natural cream color tones. It comes in a monochromatic aesthetic. Its tones span from white to cream, making them ideal for minimalist houses. Geometric lines and patterns in black or dark brown adorn each Beni rug. Mismatched or asymmetrical elements are frequently used in the design, giving it a more unique and appealing vibe. Turquoise and taupe Beni Ourain rugs are quite rare! You can find it at Moroccan Carpet LTD! These carpets are ideal for those who like unique styles aligned with a timeless aesthetic.


Beni Mguild Rugs

Beni Mguild rugs & carpets are soft, thicker-weaved rugs popular in the colder climates of the western Middle Atlas. Deep colours of purple, blue, red, and brown are used to weave these rugs on a vertical loom. They can be flipped based on seasonal changes. This means you can use the plush side during the colder months and the flat surface during the warm months. A Beni Mguild carpet may be the correct choice for you if you value versatility and inventiveness.

Boucherouite Rugs

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs have whimsical and visually fascinating designs created from scraps of fabric and garments. It’s because of the shift from nomadic herding to more contemporary forms of work. Berber weavers produce practical echo-friendly Boucherouite carpets that are vivid in colour, warm, and durable from recycled materials. If you enjoy charm and vibrant hues, these outstanding Moroccan rugs will be a favourite.


Moroccan Rugs That Are Always In Style

Moroccan tribal rugs have become popular among modern interior designers in the western world. The appeal of Bohemian and bohemian style decoration has grown in popularity, and it has been welcomed by all. A typical Moroccan rug is the perfect choice for you if you appreciate the silky texture of warm natural wool, creat an immediate sense of well-being. Investment in such masterpieces can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It can be passed onto the next generation.


Where can you find  authentic Moroccan Berber Rugs? 

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