Which Park To Visit: Xplor or Xcaret

If you’ve been facing difficulty to decide whether you should go to Xplor or Xcaret, we’re here to help you out. Both Xplor and Xcaret parks are owned by the same firm. So, they’re identical in the way they’re operated & quality of entertainment. This is why they’re both renowned places to check out whenever you’re on outing in the Riviera Maya. So, what’s better Xcaret or Xplor? Let us help you with this!

What’s Xcaret Park like:

Xcaret Park is perfect for mixed age group as there’s something for everybody. Young children can find special fun places to play, whereas elders will relish the ease of mobility inside the park. The best thing to check out here is the scenic tower – which is the tallest point in the Riviera Maya. Moreover, there’re several concealed parts of Xcaret that many people don’t get to see.

What Xplor is all About?

Xplor is fully-packed with adrenaline, action and activities. This is part is all about swimming in underground rivers, going on zip lines and more! As soon as you enter this fun park, you’re well on your way to explore the beauty of this park with your family or friends. There’re 4 major activities you can enjoy here:

  • Two routes of zip lines.
  • Rafts in the underground river.
  • Swimming in the underground river.
  • Driving the jungle jeeps through the woods & tunnels.

For whom Xplor is ideal for?

We don’t like to narrow it down but people usually 13 to 45 truly enjoy this park. If you like zip lines, adventure and staying busy; you will definitely have a fabulous time here. The park features some of the best zip lines in the region with no other ones coming close.

For whom Xplor mayn’t be suitable:

If you’re pregnant, older, frightened of elevations, not into activities, or don’t like adventure, you mightn’t have a great time here.

How to get the best deal to Xplor?

Wondering how to get the best deal for this adventure park? It’s wise to book online and ahead of your trip.

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