Why Choosing the Right Property Management Company in Benalmadena is Essential

If you own various rental properties in Benalmadena then you need to be busy tackling the rental issues. It is quite an undertaking. The daily property management obligations will make you so busy that you cannot concentrate on other business jobs. However, if you are with Sunshine Homes, you can expect to have the best property management in Benalmadena and have relief from all the daily jobs related to property rental.

Let us see what jobs can be sure to have fulfilment when you are in touch with them.


At a basic level, they will undertake the daily affairs related to rental properties. They will tackle and fulfil the requirements, complaints and emergencies of the tenants, and undertake jobs related to maintenance, installations and expansions. They will also ensure the fulfilment of lease agreements. Moreover, they will be the representative of your company and help to compose budgets and recommendations.


They will not disturb you with any issue as they will tackle every aspect themselves. They understand what needs to be brought to your notice and which is not.

One of the spokespersons of Sunshine Homes said, “We will successfully manage the tenant. The tenants are your highest priority and we at Sunshine Homes understand that while tackling the issues of the tenants. We will undertake all responsibilities starting from advertising your property to screening the prospective tenants. We will show the rental property to the tenants and make them understand the advantages of renting your property. Moreover, we will set the rent and the amount of the security deposit. We will on your behalf collect the rent and the security deposit.”


They will undertake frequent inspections of the property so that they notice any maintenance issues before the tenants. They will not waste a moment repairing the same so that the tenants do not face any problems. They will also undertake preventive maintenance so that you can save a considerable amount of money as the issue will have resolution when it is still under control. They have a close relationship with local companies so you can be certain that there will not be any delay in undertaking the repair and maintenance works.

They understand that your ultimate objective of yours is to offer the best rental to tenants so that no issues arise to collect rent on time. They ensure that they can collect the rent on time and strictly enforce late fees if the tenants are late in the submission of the monthly rental. They maintain accurate accounting data which they can share with you.


Sunshine Homes is a property management company whose motto is to offer the most memorable experiences and highest quality services as they think that the cornerstone of their business is the happiness of their clients and guests. They have been in business for years and their experience allows them to offer the best of services. Call them at +34 622 868 932 to discuss your rental requirements. 

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