Why Creativity Matters for South Asian Wedding Photography

Are you thinking of investing in photography for your South Asian wedding? If yes, then make sure to spend some time researching the best South Asian wedding photographers out there.It doesn’t matter if you have the camera, lens and other photographic technology; or if you know someone who can use a camera; if that person doesn’t know how to photograph an Indian wedding, you aren’t going to get the results you want.


The latest photographic tools come with a diverse array of options and features that most wedding photographers would ever need. While it does feel really nice to have the latest tool, an inexperienced photographer wouldn’t know how to use utilize the camera for maximum efficiency whereas a professional with the latest photographic tool would know exactly how to use the tool to create stunning results for you on your wedding day.

Still, equipment alone does not make for the best photographs. A photographer can know their older camera inside and out and still create captivating and memorable photos. The key to that, is professional editing. When it comes to choosing a professional photographer for South Asian weddings, like Peter Nguyen Studio in Southern California, you should make sure that the photographer avoids going over-the-top in creative editing. Instead, look through professional wedding photography portfolios and observe their editing styles. It’s highly recommended to go with a photographer who keeps their edits simple and timeless. In doing so, you’ll have photographs that will never feel outdated and you’ll have memories that will last forever. Just ask yourself whether the photos look like professional or standard work and always compare photos to other photographer’s work to ensure that it’s all to your liking.

South Asian Weddings Photography

Here are some questions to ask yourself while browsing wedding photos:

  • Do the images look blurry or sharp? Are they sharp or blurry in the places like eyes and face? Is the sharpness or blur because of poor technique?
  • Is every image well lit or do they look dull? Do they use natural lighting? Do the images look obvious because of flash? Find whether the flash seems subtle, controlled and enhance the image.
  • Do the colors look perfect?Meaning, does the color white look white or gray?Does the face look orange or does it have a natural color?
  • Do the images look natural or overly processed? Check whether the photographer has used pre-set filters to enhance the image.
  • Do the photos look like they have been created by an experienced, professional photographer or do they look like the work of an amateur?

Feel free to compare Peter Nguyen Studio portfolios to other wedding photography portfolios. Remember, an experienced photographer knows how to use their equipment in demanding situations. Your photographer should be capable of creating your photos instinctively without any delay. Amateur photographers can’t or won’t devote ample time to learning their craft properly. When the time is of great essence, a photographer has minutes,even seconds to capture special moments. Find what you’re looking for by asking yourself the questions listed above and you’ll be able to point out the amateur from the professional, helping you make a well-informed decision for your South Asian wedding.Hopefully, with our suggestions and tips, the task of choosing a photographer has been made a little bit easier.


When hiring South Asian wedding photographers in Southern California, you should always rely on Peter Nguyen Studio. Our wedding photographers enjoy working with everyone of different customs and ethnicities and have experience of handling South Asian weddings.

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