Why The Garage Door Is Not Opening? Identify The Probable Reasons

The garage door is definitely the most complicated moving object in our home! They work thousands of times throughout the year! But at a point, it fails to perform as it should. A home garage door that won’t open can be a signal for the beginning of serious problems. The obvious issues are inconvenience pursued by safety & security. 

There are two main categories of garage door issues: electric and physical. Let’s examine each of them individually. 

Electrical causes:

Does the overhead residential garage door won’t open with the remote, but operate with the wall switch? It’s expected that the batteries of your remote require a replacement. It is pretty simple to fix, and you probably can do it. Sometimes the opener should be reconfigured if the batteries are running well but the door will not be closed. The synchronization of the door opener with the remote is simple as well. Call a professional residential garage door repair in Virginia to do the job for you.

Another potential issue that won’t need residential garage door repair in Virginia is if the entire building has experienced a power cut or if there is an issue with the governing breaker! It is a potential issue that is hard to address. It will need the assistance of a professional residential garage door repair in Virginia.

If you can use the remote switch to open the door, but can’t use the wall switch to do so, the issue lies with that switch. Old switches do malfunction at times. For example, the wire burns out sometimes. It is advisable to replace the switch with a new one that comes with safety features. 

The other main fault appears when the electric outlet has power, the door remains closed and you also find that there’s no light. It indicates that the circuit board has seriously failed. One of the most frequent things to damage circuit boards is lighting. Call a professional residential garage door repair team and replace the entire circuit board. 

Physical causes:

Commercial garage doors are frequently prone to damage from poorly maintained automobiles and improper handling of heavy machinery. Is there any issue with the garage door track? Is it get bent due to an impact? You might need to replace the entire track if the overhead door is unable to open owing to the curve. You can replace the rollers & line up the door. It is good to reduce unwanted sound and make the garage door run smoothly. Door wires are also affected by accidents and aging. Damaged wires can cause severe personal injury, and they’ll refrain the door from opening. Another significant problem is a broken torsion spring. Only an expert residential garage door repair team should try to substitute or fix a broken overhead door spring. They have the tools & experience to deal with it safely.

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