5 Bird Species to Look Out for in Xcaret Aviary

Are you a nature lover? Do you want to open your eyes in a surrounding with colors, sounds and beautiful plumage? You should definitely visit the Aviary of Xcaret and discover the inhabitants of the aviary.

Get ready to be surrounded by waterfalls and exuberant flora species and you’ll be surrounded by beautiful birds flying around you. Keep your eyes open during your visit as you’ll be able to observe some of the best bird species.

 Take a look at the list of bird species you will explore in the Aviary of Xcaret:

1. Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle is the king of birds and is known by its scientific name – Aquila chrysaetos. This beautiful species is a lethal hunter and can see their prey from a great distance. The bird species can reach up to 3.2 feet length from the peak to the tail and 6.5 feet in wing span. The Golden Eagle weighs between 4 and 7 kilograms.

2. Turquoise-Browed Motmot

When walking through the aviary, you’ll get to find a beautiful bird species with turquoise blue colors and a pendulum shaped tail – Motmot. This bird species is quite commonly available in the Yucatan Peninsula and is known as a Tho Bird.

The females of Motmot have the shape of the tail like the males to mislead predators. When they move the tail from a side to other as a pendulum, it’s because they feel threatened.

3. Red-Winged Blackbird

When you enter the aviary and hear a strong and persistent song, you should look around, especially the treetops to find a Red-Winged Blackbird. This bird is small; but well-known for bravery. Usually, they attack bigger birds that approach to their nesting area.

4. Yellow-Headed Amazon

Yellow-headed Amazon is a beautiful and colorful bird species living in Mexico from the Yucatan Peninsula and Cozumel to Belize. This bird species is known for loud and screeching cries. The bird can eat quite silently.

Usually, Yellow-Headed Amazon takes the food to the peak using small claws. This bird species is very curious. If you put your camera in front of a Yellow-headed Amazon, it won’t hesitate to pose.

5. Indigo Bunting

Take this chance to see the Indigo Bunting, the small and bird flying while crossing the floating bridge of the Aviary. With blue feathers and erratic flight, the Indigo Bunting will appeal your attention. This bird species feeds on insects, seeds, and small fruits.

Final Consideration –

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