5 Reasons to Access The Princess Diana Museum

The whole nation was captivated by the mesmeric beauty and aura of Diana, Princess of Wales, since her first public appearance in 1981. People of every kind loved her like a princess, patron, and trend-setter, and her incredible legacy lives on even after her untimely tragic death.

Princess Diana

In celebration of Princess Diana’s life and legacy, The Princess Diana Museum takes on a virtual tour to access her personal belongings, now historical items, in one place. Read the post and know why to access the Princess Diana Museum now.

  1. Celebrate Lady D’s Life

One remarkable thing about the virtual museum tour is that it showcases her as the confident, empowered woman she is. The visual display will show an extensive line-up of beautiful designer clothes, projecting her incredible journey from the tentative child to an international icon.

The museum truly conveys Lady Diana’s life story. The tale of the princess, an independent, modern woman, fascinates and reflects her ambitions by championing the social causes she stood for.

  1. Take a Tour of the Breathtaking Wardrobe

Diana was famous for her iconic fashion sense, and the Princess Diana Museum allows you to discover some of her beautiful gowns and outfits. You can admire her demure, modest garments in her public appearances and see the confident, elegant, and glamorous gowns she wore later in her life.

  1. Experience the Iconic Versace Atelier Dress

The Princess Diana Museum displays the most incredible pieces from Diana’s life. You will get to see over 29 clothing articles, including the never seen shoes and dresses she wore as a baby and teenager.

Please take this opportunity to see the most notably iconic Versace Atelier Dress she wore on the cover page of Harper’s Bazaar. Later, it was also the featured dress in “Diana Her Fashion Story” on loan to the Kensington Palace for over two years.

  1. Listen to the Personal Interviews of People and Artists

The Princess Diana Museum virtual tour allows you to listen to exclusive personal interviews with the people and artists connected to the historical artifacts displayed in the museum. Every individual tells their unique story in their own words, which gives every piece shown in the museum a new life and a meaning which will be preserved forever and indeed magical to hear.

  1. Access the Virtual Museum any time online.

The Princess Diana Museum is one-of-its-kind, offering access online 24/7 to people worldwide at affordable prices. Moreover, the access doesn’t require any special technical knowledge. Instead, it means you can instantly access the Princess Diana Museum through your tablet computer, desktop, or anywhere in the world.


Bottom Line –

The Princess Diana Museum has a curated collection of Princess Diana’s historical items photographed in 2D and 3D resolutions using photogrammetry and virtual reality techniques. All these features allow you to see these iconic pieces up close, right from the comfort and convenience of your home. If you want to access now to the museum, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible at info@theprincessandtheplatypus.org.

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