Vaping Makes Quitting Smoking Easier -The Reasons

Have you been planning to quit smoking for quite a long time but failed every time you tried? But have you tried vaping? If not then give it a try and you will be glad that you switched to vaping! There are several reasons that makes vaping a better alternative to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy and it is a habit that is hard to ditch. While there are nicotine replacement alternatives for the same but it is not that safe. Even vaping isn’t risk-free! But vaping is less harmful for your health as compared to smoking. Besides that the following reasons make vaping a much better option than smoking. Have a look:


Improved Lungs Health

Cigarettes are usually filled with hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, aluminum and many more that eventually begin to clog your lungs and airways triggering a constant inflammatory response which makes it difficult for oxygen to flow through your bloodstream. Smokers have poor blood/oxygen saturation which indicates poor health. Moreover, as poor blood/oxygen saturation hinders the immune response, slows down healing and reduces metabolic rates leading to several diseases. With vaping the foreign substance you are allowing into your lungs are far less toxic that the cigarette soot, hence, it is easier for your body to eliminate the vaping compounds as compared to eliminating the waste from cigarettes.

Enhanced Heart Health

Switching to vaping not only improves your lungs health but also helps in improving the health of your heart. Although as already mentioned, vaping isn’t risk free but smoking has higher risk of heart ailments.

A Flavorful Experience

With vaping you can discover a variety of vape juice flavors ranging from sweet to sour and everything in between. Also, there are disposable pods that come with flavorsome delights. From fruity flavors like Lychee Mango disposable pod by Juice Head 5K to coffee, dessert, chocolate, candy and mint flavors, you can take delight in the flavor that entices you the most. Moreover, the aromas of the vape flavors will make you fall in love with vaping over and over again, especially, the fruity delights like Lychee Mango disposable pod will leave your taste buds go gaga over the fruity mix up.


Convenience of the Highest Level

Using a vaping device especially disposable pods is highly convenient and portable. The best part of these disposable pods is that you need not have to refill it! Just use it and throw it away after enjoying it to the fullest. For instance, if you choose Lychee Mango disposable pod by Juice Head 5K then you can take delight in its 5000 puffs and then throw it away and enjoy other flavors. Also, the other vaping devices are easy to use and refill. All in all vaping products offer greater convenience.


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