6 Best Fruity Flavors from Candy King

Vape juice is known as e-liquid, e-juice or vape fluid – which refers to the liquid products that you put in your vape to create the vape. Generally, a juice comprises of five important ingredients – water, nicotine (excluding zero nicotine e-liquids), vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavoring.

If you’re in the market in search of tasty vape juice flavors, take a look at a few best flavors to try out from Candy King:

1.Strawberry Rolls by Candy King 100ml

Get ready to enjoy a signature fruit roll flavor without stickiness to your teeth and fingers with Strawberry Rolls by Candy King 100ml. Take a smooth mist of strawberry fruity roll flavor that will cascade into your mouth.

  1. Gush by Candy King 100ml

Gush by Candy King 100ml is a mix of fruity flavors that consist of orange, blueberry, raspberry, green apple, and strawberry. With this unique fruity combination, Candy King Gush gives you flavored experiences and caters to mischievous preferences.

As a fusion of five different fruits, Gush offers its own special flavor blast. Just imagine tasting the tangy, sour, salty and sweetened notes. Feeling enjoying mouthwatering sensation!

  1. Jaws by Candy King 100ml

Candy King Jaws is made to create to taste like addicting candies. It has the sweet blueberry gummy and creamy vanilla. Upon taking this flavor, you’ll have pure enjoyment without the cavities.

A pull is able to draw an amazing vapor cloud that carries every last drop of flavor. Candy King Jaws has the sweetness and tartness of blueberry gush in combining with light vanilla tones when you inhale.

On the exhale, the entire flavor sticks to your tongue like glue. As a result, the vape juice lasts a little longer in your mouth. You’ll be left with feeling of eating the actual candy.

  1. Swedish by Candy King 100ml

Just imagine chewing your favorite fish shaped candy. Candy King Swedish comes with nautical breezes of strawberry flavored delight with every hit. You’ll have a burst of berry good flavor taste in inhale. On the inhale, the strawberry flavor is ready to sweeten your taste with a refreshing candy finish.

  1. Sour Straws by Candy King 100ml

This vape juice has the tartness of blue raspberry and soft candies – combined to create a heavenly perfection. The fusion of berry fruits will give you all the notes of salty, tangy, sour and sweetened taste.

  1. Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King 100ml

You will simply love your favorite strawberry and watermelon flavored bubblegum. The Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum by Candy King 100ml will give you a slice of a mellow summer time smile combined with fresh strawberries.

Initially, you will get a vivid flavor of fruity strawberry delights. The watermelon on the exhale smoothens over the strawberry with a finish of sweet bubblegum.

Bottom Line –

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