8 Best Ardell False Lashes for Fuller Look

Do you want to bring that tantalizing look to your natural eyes? If you have long and thick natural eyelashes, it might be easier to make your eyes look more attractive. But if you don’t, not to worry, you can simply turn to false eyelashes to solve your dilemma and get that fuller look

Nowadays there’s a huge availability of false eyelashes you can choose from. There are amazing alternatives to improve your appearance and boost your confidence level. You will find them easily and they are safe to use.

False lashes are versatile – you can wear them whenever you want. You can even choose from different styles to nicely match your outfit. You can clean and wear them again. When they are not in use, you can simply keep them in their boxes. If you’re a beginner when it comes to buying false eyelashes, why not go with Ardell, and shop for discount Ardell lashes!

Ardell is one of the most popular brands for false eyelashes around the world. It is well-known for producing superior quality false lashes that look and feel natural. Here are some of the best discount Ardell lashes you should consider buying:

    1. Ardell Fashion Lashes

    The fashion lashes are well-known for glamour and natural style lashes. They are made from 100% sterilized human hair, reusable, and easy to use. These fake eyelashes are available in thirty-five different styles including black and brown colors.

  1. Ardell Natural Eyelashes

False eyelashes are one of the main accessories for your eyes. They are flexible – you can use them whenever you want in a day, every day. They make it easy to transition from your day look to your night look. They are reliable – falsies can give you that fuller, longer and luscious look to your eyelashes instantly.

  1. Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes

These eyelashes are the go-to options for those who are looking for the closest thing to natural eyelashes. They are weightless, easy-to-apply, waterproof, and knot-free. When you buy a packet of Ardell Duralash Naturals Individual Lashes, you will have 56 individual lashes perfect to fill in spots along your lash line without any dark bands or clumsy knots. If you want to get a more voluminous look, you can try out two packets of Individual Lashes.

  1. Ardell Duralash Flare Individual Lashes

Ardell Duralash Flare Individual Lashes are waterproof, easy-to-apply, and knotted. These lashes are handcrafted and are ideal for filling in sparse areas on your lash line to achieve natural looking fullness. You will get 56 individual lash clusters in a package.

  1. Ardell Duralash Regular Individual Lashes

The Regular Individual lashes come with 88 individual lashes each with a few strands of slightly flared hairs grouped together. These are weightless, waterproof, and permanently-curled fake lashes. They fasten comfortably to the natural eyelashes and are made to resemble a thicker and longer version of your own natural lashes.

  1. Ardell Self-Adhesive Lashes

The self-adhesive false eyelashes are ideal if you don’t want to deal with glue tubes or just want something easy to grab and apply on the run. They are quite comfortable, easy-to-apply, and lightweight falsies. You can wear them conveniently without applying any glue. In addition, fake lashes are also available with additional self-adhesive strips.

  1. Ardell Extension FX Lashes

    Ardell Introdues Extension FX Eye-Opening Effect Lashes Collection made of ready to wear strip lashe inspired by a fresh application of professionally applied applied salon eyelash extensions offering 4 styles to choose from for individualized approach focusing on eye shape B-Curl are long, doll shape to open eyes, perfect for deep set eyes. Lashes have silky soft, fine, tapered fibers and Knot-free invisiband. L-Curl is short, doll shape to lift eyes, great for monolid eyes. Lashes have silky soft, fine, tapered fibers and Knot-free invisiband. C-Curl are short, flared shape to widen & elongate eyes, perfect for round or close set eyeys. Lashes have silky soft, fine, tapered fibers and Knot-free invisiband. Get the D-Curl lash if you have almond or deep-set eyes or if you simply want to create a widened look for your eyes.

  1. Ardell Faux Mink

    Show-stopping drama is yours in our glamour goddess-worthy faux mink lashes. Loved by prestige professionals, these luxurious lashes deliver serious volume without weighing you down. Also available in faux mink individuals now new multi-layered & lightweight individuals lashes create maximum lash volume for a lush, feathered effect. The Neverflat™ Curl Technology enhances lash length and the tapered tips blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Final Consideration –

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