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A Few Ways to Make Online Group Language Classes More Interactive

Whether it comes to learning Spanish, French or English or any other language fluently, people often prefer to join online group language classes. However, there are several private language classes as well. Teaching languages over online classes is a huge responsibility and business. And making these classes more interactive and engaging can be somewhat challenging. Translating the face-to-face teaching skills into the online environment is not that easy.

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Are you looking for ways to make your online classes more engaging and interesting being a private language tutor in Los Angeles? Then check out some of the best ways to make your online group language classes more interactive and engaging:

For getting your groups of students interacting and engaging in your online language classroom, you need to work a bit harder. You will have to learn using the various advanced tools that your video conferencing platform possesses. It will help you in transforming your virtual classes more enticing and exciting. Following are a few ideas you can use in your online language classes for better results:

Set Polls and Quizzes

Most of the videoconferencing platforms possess an in-built polling function. In case your platform doesn’t have such a feature you can share a web link to a poll that you have created. Using polls as a point of discussion at the beginning or for verifying the understanding of a language point keeps the entire class engaged. Later, you can use the answers provided by the students to deviate from the PowerPoint slides. You can always skip the part that your learners already know!

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Incorporating Chat Box

Chat boxes are one of the best tools that you can use in your online group language classes. It can be used as a teaching aid to emphasize on instructions or back channel with the students needing more attention with private chats. You can also incorporate chat box functions into activities that will allow students to share their opinions, answers and ideas.

Writing on the Whiteboard

Give your students the control to write or highlight on the whiteboard in a videoconferencing session. It is one of the great ways to brainstorm ideas, elicit vocabulary as well as to get students to find mistakes in the texts and identify words.

Use Record Function

You can use the record feature for setting up short speaking activities and record your learners. Listen to these recordings during the online group language classes and try to engage your students with the recordings in a certain way. You can make them listen to the use of key language, pronunciation or whatever you want them to focus on.

There are several other tools using which one can make their online language classes more interactive and enjoyable. Make sure to involve your students in planning the sessions, communicate with them and be available for them whenever they seek help.

Being a private language tutor in Los Angeles you need to plan your interaction patterns with your students. Make sure to incorporate different features and functions in your interactions.


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