All About ESD Heel Straps – A Brief Synopsis

What are ESD Heel Straps?

ESD heel straps are designed for contactingthe grounded ESD flooring reliably and offering anunremitting path-to-ground by eliminating electrostatic charges from the moving, standing or grounding workers. Installing the heel straps is easy which can be used on standard shoes simply by placing the grounding tab in the shoe below the foot.

ESD heel straps

Why Use ESD Heel Straps?

Using ESD heel straps makes it easy to generate static charge by contacting and separation. When the shoes contact or separate against the flooring or if they push carts with casters across the room, charge is generated. Skin of a person is moderately conductive which allows static charge to flow through the human body and to eliminate this charge the body needs to be grounded and an ESD heel strap does that by creating a pathway for the static charge to transfer to a ground point.

How ESD Heel Straps Work?

Usually, the soles of the shoes are insulating in nature and when the conductive ribbon of ESD heel straps get tucked into the shoes of the technician and makes contact with their skin through the moisturized socks the static charge begins to flow.

Structure of ESD Heel Straps

The ESD heel straps discharge static from human body to the ground by connecting the body to a grounded surface. The conductive ribbon placed inside the shoe of the technician makes electrical contact with the skin via perspiration. The ribbon is connected to a resistor that limits the current. The other end of the resistor is connected to the conductive sole which contacts the grounded ESD floor mat.

ESD heel straps need to be worn on both feet for maintaining the reliability of body to ground connection. When you wear heel straps on each foot it is ensured that the contact with the ground remains intact even when one foot is lifted off the floor. And heel straps are responsible for removing static charges generated by the movement of our body reliably and protect ESDs.

However, it is essential to get ESD heel straps manufactured by a renowned company with years of experience in the field of electrostatic protection.


StopESD manufactures ESD heel straps of highest standards that feature rugged reversible tire grade two layer conductive rubber heel cups that are a full 33% thicker than other available heel straps in market.