Apple Flavor Vaping – A Few Disposable Pods by Top Manufacturers

“An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Is that the reason you love apple? Or you just love the taste? Whatever might be the reason if you are looking for relishing the apple flavor in your vaping experience and are new to vaping then check out some of the finest apple flavored disposable pods from top manufacturers  below –

Apple Disposable Pod by X BAR

Apple Disposable Pod by X BAR is the dream come true flavor for an apple lover. A great apple vape a day will keep you fresh and ripe whole day. This disposable pod provides you with the taste of freshly picked juicy apples. With the first hit itself you will fall in love with the flavor. On the inhale you will get a taste that resembles the taste of a bite of ripe sweet red apple. And the exhale offers the flavor of that special green apple sweetness which turns the flavor up a notch with the finish.

Apple Disposable Pod by X BAR

Red Apple Disposable Pod by BOLT

Red Apple Disposable Pod by BOLT is another apple flavored delight that allures every apple lover vaper instantly. The fresh and ripe flavor of apple makes the vapers fall in love with the flavor and try it again and again. The manufacturer has designed the flavor to make sure that vapers get what they are looking for in the vape experience. The sweetness of red apples and unique green apples when combined together crafts a flavor that is delicious to the core.

VGOD Crisp Apple Disposable Pod – Pack of 3 by VGOD STIG

Crisp Apple by VGOD STIG is an incredible apple flavor that will blow you away with its flavorsome delight. It is a perfect green apple flavor that satisfies your all day vaping needs. VGOD STIG is the wonderful disposable vape device for anyone on the go in there day to day life. Green apple flavor on the inhale will leave your taste buds in pure heaven. On the exhale you will experience tartness of green apples which offers you a balanced apple flavor to try.

Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar

Fiji Melons Disposable Pod by Ripe Bar is another unique apple flavor that offers a divinely flavorsome experience to the vapers who crave for apple flavored delight. This vape pod amalgamates the most exquisite flavors of Fuji apple and guava that is further blended with sweet watermelon that creates a super delightful fruity vape to be loved by vapers of all kind.


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