Why Companies Must Conduct Periodic Cyber Security Assessments


In many instances cybersecurity is an incomprehensible or overlooked area in some corporations. Most businesses get cyber defences in place and then simply forget about it. The fact is that most companies have a blind spot that usually makes them miss or ignore critical stuff.

With time organizations scale and their digital resources and IT setups witness many changes over time. No doubt these developments will increase your output, but they also open up your enterprise to newer and complex risks. At the same time, cyber criminals are coming up with new and inventive ways of attacks.


If your company was secure one year ago, it does not mean it’s secure now! There are numerous reasons why it’s critical for companies to conduct cyber security assessments in regular intervals.

Quantified data aids with the decision-making process:

A periodic cyber risk assessment helps organizations to detect the major threat that affects their business and take the essential steps to safeguard their investment. Most importantly, cyber risk assessments help in producing quantified data that can assist in the decision-making process. Business leaders can make use of these assessments to make more knowledgeable decisions concerning cybersecurity infrastructure.


See into hidden dangers:

Blind spots are pretty prevalent in the cybersecurity industry. As technology persists to improve at a quick pace, it can be demanding for companies to keep pace. Doing a cyber-risk assessment in a regular interval helps assure that business executives are aware of these blind spots so that they can take the right safety measures to fix them before it’s too late.

Simplify IT systems:

Apart from pinpointing possible threats to a business cyber risk assessments can also be helpful in making IT systems and processes simple. By doing period cyber-risk assessment, companies acquire the resources they require to merge IT systems productively in acquisitions and mergers. A streamlined IT system is easier to use, draw data from, and can be efficiently employed to store huge volumes of sensitive data.

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What Are the Transformational Probabilities of Cloud Computing In Financial Services?

Cloud Computing NYC

A growing number of financial establishments are changing their systems and exploring how cloud computing can aid. The Covid pandemic has further encouraged financial and banking institutions to integrate cloud and security in financial services. Certainly, cloud computing services in New York have served as a saving grace all through this challenging time, making it easier for businesses to let staff to work remotely, competently, effectively, and securely.

cloud computing in NYC

Keep reading if you’re inquisitive regarding the transformational probabilities of cloud computing in financial services.

Driving costs down:

Relocating your mission-critical business apps and data to the cloud means that you don’t need to store them locally. That means you don’t have to invest in any physical infrastructure. You will save big on the costs involved with purchasing, maintaining, and accommodating the essential hardware you are avoiding on the cloud.

cloud services

Increasing data storage options in the cloud:

The necessity for more data augments daily, making it demanding for on-site IT staff to meet the demand promptly. With the right cloud computing service in New York, you’ve access to practically infinite cloud storage without any concern.

Improving customer-bank relationship:

As a banking institution, making customers happy should be high on your priority list, and cloud computing in banking provides several ways to do that. With cloud services, you are capable of controlling customer data immediately and better comprehend their financial behaviours and account management likings. Furthermore, you can enhance the customer experience and provide immediate and precise info, dependable accessibility, and top performance to keep their visits easy, brief, and pleasing. Customers will surely relish a better experience with lesser disturbances and downtimes. Even if there’s some disruption, cloud computing resources make it simpler to get back online fast, assuring unremitting availability to customers.

Increasing security:

Many financial institutions fear the security of the cloud. Fortunately, if you can find the right partner, it is actually safer than keeping it in-house. Virtualized applications provide options such as data encryption, SSL management, and improved credentialing. In the financial industry, where security is the most important aspect, cloud services are more critical than ever.

Are you ready to use cloud computing services in New York to transform your financial industry enterprise? CompCiti is ready to help! We offer private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions to enhance the security of your financial institution. If you want to migrate your network or other data systems to a cloud-based solution, feel free to call CompCiti now!


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Important Considerations Before Choosing A Cloud Service Provider

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With more and more IT systems being externalised, making certain you choose the correct cloud providers has become important to long-term success. However, with a myriad of service providers offering cloud computing NYC, how do you choose the right cloud provider? We have extracted the most important factors into a definitive list of consideration areas.

cloud computing in NYC

Certificate and standards:

Cloud providers that adhere to recognized standards and quality frameworks display a cohesion to industry best practices and standards. While standards may not determine which service provider you select, they can be pretty handy in short listing prospective suppliers. For example, if your first priority is security, seek suppliers credited with certifications like CISA, CISM, Cybersecurity Auditor, etc.


Ensure the platform and preferred technologies of the provider align with your present environment and/or support your cloud objectives.

Does the cloud architectures, standards and services of providers suit your workloads and management preferences? Evaluate how much re-coding or personalization you may need to perform to make your workload apt for their platforms.

Many cloud providers provide complete migration services and even provide help in the evaluation and planning periods. Make sure you’ve a reasonable understanding of the support on offer and map this against project tasks and decide who’ll do what. Usually service providers are equipped with technical personnel who can fill skill gas in your migration teams.

Service roadmap:

Inquire about the roadmap of service development! How do the providers plan to continue to revolutionize and grow over time? Does their roadmap suit your requirements in the long run?

Critical aspects to take into consideration are devotions to particular technologies or vendors, and how interoperability is supported. Can they show identical deployments to the ones you’re planning?

Service and integration roadmap is highly desirable for SaaS providers in particular.

Relying upon your specific cloud strategy, you may also wish to assess the overall portfolio of services that providers can provide.

Vendor relationships:

Service providers may have more than one vendor relationships that are critical to comprehend. Evaluating the relationship of the provider with important vendors, their certification levels, technical abilities and staff certifications, is a worthwhile exercise. Do they support multi-vendor environments and can they provide good examples?

For bespoke cloud computing in NYC, feel free to get in touch with CompCiti. They will take care of your network with expert Cloud Services and IT solutions in NYC.

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IT Challenges To Tackle For Fast Growing Businesses

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Fast growing companies often encounter unique IT challenges that come coupled with their success. It can be devastating to keep up with the increasing business demand, building a company culture, keeping financials in line, and tackling employees.

IT Consulting

Often, your business technology ecosystem is left as a postscript which can create many issues later on. We’ve compiled this quick guide on IT challenges to watch out for on your fast growing business and how to resolve them.

Absence of formal structure:

There Are numerous action items to get to while the firm is incessantly growing and expanding that the formal structure for staff and process can be less defined than it should be.

This can lead to duplication of work, increasing efficiencies, and governance problems until the formal organizational structure becomes more fleshed out.

When approached strategically the technology works best and has lesser problems. Making a formal structure for people and processes is one first step you can take to form a more organized IT strategy that’s in line with your business goals.

How to fix it?

To precisely appraise your needs and form a proficient formal IT structure, appoint a CIO level executive or invest in virtual CIO services. They can take your growth trajectory into consideration and plan your structure from midpoint to end state.

This also helps in deciding which roles your organization will require and when they should be hired or sourced.

Loopholes in security:

Cybersecurity is tough for companies of any size to deal with. You must secure all connected devices, network, your website, and eventually all your users who can inadvertently form a susceptibility in your system.

This gets tougher as you onboard more users, incorporate new software, and make modifications to your IT environment without constantly keeping IT security in mind.

Many business owners make the mistake of assuming a hacking or data breach won’t occur to them as they are too small in size, or they don’t have any data worth stealing.

How to fix it?

Partner with a company like CompCiti that offers IT security services in order to appraise the present condition of your technology and processes. After a primary appraisal, you will acquire an idea of how much work you require to do to secure your business. Then you will be better able to make a decision whether it’s something you can handle in-house or work with a service provider.

If you are looking for professional IT consulting in New York to sustain your growth, CompCiti can help. They help their clients select technology that’s the right size for them and will sustain growth. They have a managed service team that can sustain infrastructure and applications as new users are added, help in applying best practices to organizational IT structures, and assure right IT security measures and disaster recovery plans are in place.

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