Why should you replace the existing garage door opener

The garage door opener is a motorized device that is part of the door system. It is a little piece but has a vital role in garage door operation! Your garage door is of no use without the garage door opener. In addition, the garage door openers are relatively simple mechanisms that tend to last a long time. The average life of a garage door opener is around 10 to 15 years, and it lasts for twenty years with proper maintenance of the rollers and springs. So even if yours is still working fine, there are still good reasons to consider replacing it.

Automatic Reversal 

Most garage door openers after 1993 are required to be equipped with a safety reversing mechanism. Two sensors have to be attached about six inches above floor level on both sides of the door. If it senses any object in the way, it will make the garage door stop and reverse its direction. As a precaution, any garage door opener that lacks a safety reversing feature should be replaced.

Quieter Operation 

Do you observe your garage door make an irritating sound and disrupt the household? If so, you need to add a new opener to your home. It will make the garage door remain almost quieter. The original garage door opener used a chain drive to open and close the door. If you believe a chain drive garage door opener is inappropriate for your home, consider replacing it with a belt-drive garage door opener.  You can substitute with a late-model chain drive unit that remains quieter than the older model. Screw drives are noticeably quieter than belt drives, and belt drives are the quietest of all openers.

Better Security 

Older garage door openers are vulnerable to intruders or unwanted entries. Since the remote controls functioned with a fixed code, someone with a special device can crack the code and open the garage door.  You can replace it with a late-model garage door openers that come with a rolling code feature, which changes its code every time you use it. As a result, burglars will be unable to duplicate the code and gain access to your garage. 

Keypad Entry 

Old model garage door openers do not have keypads. However, you may be able to buy a keypad to install with your existing garage door opener. This convenient feature lets you enter a code into the keypad to open the garage door. It is an excellent reason to upgrade your garage door and eliminate the need to remember a code. In addition, you can open the garage door with a fingerprint detection option. 

Battery Backup 

One of the considerable inconveniences of a power outage and often makes the garage door inoperative. Garage door openers with battery backup are now available and can operate even when the power goes out. 

Smart Features 

Late-model garage door openers offer Wi-Fi and cell-phone connectivity facilities. It allows you to operate your garage from a remote location or alert you when your garage door is open. In addition, a cell phone, computer, or pad device equipped with the proper app can monitor and control the garage door. Such garage door openers come with multiple handy options that make your job easy.

If you need a new garage door opener or any other service for your garage door, then trust the expert team at the Washington DC Garage door. They have experience in all types of garage doors and openers, and they look forward to helping you anytime you call. To learn more about their services or schedule a consultation, please call (202) 683-6040 today!

How to choose a reliable commercial door repair/installation company in Washington DC

Glass, aluminum, or metal garage doors are the most commonly used doors for retail and commercial entrances. Reputed commercial garage door companies provide exclusive doors that come in many designs, styles, and colors and come with numerous features. You can customize it that fits all your requirements. It is good enough to transform your commercial place both aesthetically and functionally. Although door repair comes easy in a place like Washington DC, it can be pretty daunting to find out what to do next for a first-timer who needs to install a commercial garage door or emergency replacement, fixing the locks and handles, or any emergency services related to commercial garage doors. First, you need to find a reliable commercial garage doors service in Washington DC with experience, skill, and expertise to fix the issues with ease. The following few points will help you select the best garage door repair & installation at your commercial space in Washington DC.

Customer Review: The brand loyalty of the commercial door repair/installation in Washington DC built is based on their service and how they make their customer pleased. Most of the customers know about the garage door installation or repair on the website. Therefore, looking at the reviews of a few shortlisted companies is a good idea to select the right company for your project. If you find any negative feedback or hidden feedback by a shady commercial door repair and installation company, you should move on to the next best choice.

 Warranty or Guarantee: As a customer, you should look for a commercial door repair/installation service that comes with a guarantee. Reputable garage door repair and installation companies in Washington DC will always remain one step ahead of the competition when assisting clients with their service and warranty. This shows their level of commitment, professionalism, and the wide range of work they provide. If the garage door company denies giving a guarantee or warranty, you should avoid the deal even if they offer fewer prices. Instead, find the one who not only serves good but supports your needs and gives assurance for the job they have undertaken!

Look for Contractual Obligations: Sometimes, the offers made by the new garage door installation & repair companies seem to be attractive. But you should always check out & read the quote or the contract to understand if there are any additional or hidden costs associated with the commercial garage door repair project. You must be confident about the deal you are entering in. Otherwise, it will make you annoying in the end.

Do your Research: knowing whether the company you are hiring is authentic or not for the job is always vital. Always look for the relevant information about the probable garage door company that you are going to hire. Check to know the nature of the door repair and installation service they provide from past clients. If you don’t find any relevant answers to your questions on their website, then you better know what to do!

Let’s know what experience speaks: Like any other profession, commercial garage door installation companies in Washington DC are experts in their field. They take training and also learn much from their mistakes. Working with numerous commercial places also gives them exposure to various commercial garage door repair situations. Glass or aluminum doors are fragile and need to be handled with due care. Therefore, it is always advisable to contact a professional who works with commercial garage doors on a daily basis. 

 An expert in the commercial garage door repair & installation market will surely provide you with a better service than an amateur. Are you a first-timer in hiring a commercial garage door repair in Washington DC? Then it will be wise to ask the probable about their years of experience in the industry. If you still feel confused about it, go ahead and call Washington DC Garagedoor on (202) 683-6040 today! Rest assured that you are with the safest hand in the industry!

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When should you Replace or Repair Your Commercial Garage Door

garage door repair

The commercial garage doors are vital for a business or industrial or commercial places or securing the place where you store your precious inventory. It not only protects your business but enhances its aesthetic appeal. It also protects your assets from bad weather and its related damage, theft, and vandalism. The repair & maintenance from time to time will make it run for a few years. But if you feel that the expenses on repair & maintenance will reach an extreme situation, you must upgrade it with a new garage door. It’s affluent to go for a replacement of an existing garage door than to pay the repairing cost several times over the year. Let’s explore why you need your commercial garage door repair or replacement.

Do You Want to Make Your Business Space Energy-Efficient?

Have you ever noticed an upsurge in the energy bills, even if you have a stable utility consumption? You may have weak garage door insulation or no insulation. An insulated garage door helps you save a lot on heating and cooling costs. Repairing the weatherstripping and sealing any gaps can be a way to make the door more energy-efficient. Upgrading the garage doors from several worn-out can help you save a lot from every month repairing and extra energy consumption.

Do You Want to Keep Your Clients And Workforce Safe?

Damaged, dented, or unstable commercial garage doors pose a safety threat to workers and clients. You must take appropriate initiative to fix the issue before someone gets hurt. The commercial garage door repair in Washington DC inspect your door’s components and find out what repairs to make to fix the garage door with fewer expenses. They suggest the replacement if they find the older door experiencing repeated damage. Late model garage doors have safety features like sensors, motors and much more that gives you peace of mind to run your business

Do You Want to Protect Your Facility From Burglary Or Theft?

A sturdy commercial garage door has so many safety features that help you keep your commercial properties & valuable inventories safe. Late model commercial garage door installation is a worthy idea because it plays a significant role to prevent shoplifting, burglary or prohibiting the people trying to break into your facility. More unique commercial garage doors are often equipped with sensors and alarms. You can add them as a safety feature. Suppose your garage door has broken photo-eye detectors or alarms. In that case, the commercial garage door repair in Washington DC can help you decide which safety upgrades are necessary for your facility. And replace them accordingly

Do You Notice Any Signs of Damage?

Do you find broken springs or worn-out cables after inspecting your garage door? The extent of the damage decides the repair or replacement of your commercial garage door. Commercial garage doors in Washington DC suggest that fixing your garage door makes sense when only one or two parts need upgrades. Understanding the needs of this crucial piece is critical to maintaining the longevity of the entire door. But you need to get a new commercial garage door if the cumulative repair cost is higher than the price of a new one. 

Washington DC Garage Door is a licensed and bonded garage door company with reliable professionals that are dedicated to serve your commercial garage door repair needs in and around the Washington DC area. With state-of-the-art equipment, expertise, they make sure that you receive the best garage door repair in Washington DC. They clearly understand the peculiarities of different commercial garage door mechanisms; train their garage door technicians professionally. They strive to deliver 24/7 garage door repair with a promise of quality service. Call them to fix your garage door issues today!

Why Is Preventive Maintenance of Rolling Steel Garage Doors Important?

rolling steel garage door

Rolling steel doors are just one helpful element that helps you make your business run more smoothly. It is one of the most-used doors and entryways to your residential or commercial facility. Many businesses or homeowners, or managers make the mistake of only having their commercial or residential rolling steel doors inspected when a part or piece of hardware breaks. Do you want to keep your rolling steel garage door in proper working condition and avoid costly repairs? You must contact a professional rolling steel garage door repair to schedule the regular maintenance and conduct an annual inspection.

garage door services

Rolling steel doors are just one helpful element that helps you make your business run more smoothly. Its customization capability makes it useful for every interior and exterior in businesses of all sizes. But, issues in rolling steel garage doors can bring major setbacks for protection and daily operations for any business. So, preventative maintenance is a vital step in assuring your rolling steel garage doors run smoothly, safely and will last as long as possible. A well-maintained garage door ensures you reap all the benefits it offers. It can prevent downtime through fewer breakdowns and extend the life of your door.

Many people rely on rolling steel garage doors to keep their business operations run efficiently. The strong materials used in the rolling steel garage door design provide substantial durability that enables them to withstand heavy usage, wear and tear for years. It offers several benefits such as standing up to severe weather, low-maintenance, corrosion and rust-free, quick, and easy to use are few of them. The rolling steel doors also come with a layer of foam insulation that shrinks the impact of heat and noise as well. It also creates exceptional protection layers to your property and its locking mechanisms provide exceptional security.

Regular preventative maintenance of rolling steel doors is often decided by the facility’s condition, including its geographical location, environmental conditions, and everyday operations. To ensure proper functionality, you must conduct maintenance every three to six months. Lubricating all moving parts is essential for its smooth functioning. Specialized rolling steel garage door repair in Washington DC helps you accomplish several benefits with its routine maintenance. They ensure:

  • Safety with a properly maintained door 
  • Identify and prevent hardware failure 
  • Leaves the door operable or never injures employees or family members.
  • Enhance the life-Expectancy as it will last for many years
  • Protect the parts from prematurely wearing
  • Frequent inspections can prolong the lifespan of the system.
  • Less expensive as most tune-ups are far less costly than entire door replacement.
  • Increase operational efficiency, safety, and reliability 
  • Extend the useful life of your equipment 
  • Reduce the probability of equipment malfunctioning 
  • Decrease costly downtime 
  • Decrease long-term repair expense 
  • Establish a relationship with experienced, service-oriented professionals

Adhering to a consistent upkeep schedule for your rolling steel garage door may bring a huge benefit for your business. Regular maintenance can significantly extend your rolling steel door’s life. Washington DC Garagedoor offers pre-planned maintenance programs and schedules that fits your company’s needs and frequency cycle. They send trained professionals to handle any repairs safely. For more information about rolling steel garage door repair or replacement or maintenance, please call them at (202) 683-6040 today!