How to Choose the Best Outfit for Your Upcoming Company Video Shoot

Whether you’re in front of the camera to sell a product, demonstrate a process, or simply deliver a message for your organization, wardrobe selection is essential to production planning. Before a Plum Productions shoot, I always email clients a list of suggestions for clothing as some items look better on camera than others. Moreover, certain outfits actually pose technical challenges. Here are a few tips from the best fashion stylist in LA on how to choose the best outfit for your shoot:

Pick warming colors:
Colors like purple, cobalt, teal and coral pop on screen. For women, wearing a top in one of these bright shades will truly warm up your face. For men, neckties are the best thing to provide a punch of color.

Steer clear of white, bright red and all-black outfits:
All 3 of these colors create technical issues. For example, before shooting, your videographer will tunes the camera exposure for your face, so if you are wearing a bright white top, that top will glow. (A small amount of white is okay peeking out from under a jacket & tie, but your best bet is go with a light blue.)

Black creates the same issue. When the camera exposure is correct on your face, black seems too dark. The meaning of your clothing will be mislaid, so you will look ill-defined.

And bright red sometimes “bleeds” on camera, giving off a slight, hazy halo.

Opt for solids:
Big patterns can be very disturbing. Keep in mind, the attention should be on you, not your clothing. Alternatively, small tight patterns can “buzz” on camera. On a necktie, go with a medium-sized patterns, like stripes.

Stay classic:
Your organization is investing a reasonable sum in this video project and will likely use it for many years. So pick an outfit that’ll stand the test of time. As curious as you may be to wear those very-now culottes you are so fascinated about, steer clear of any trends that’ll make the video look outmoded.

Keep jewellery simple:
Pendulous jewellery is not just visually disrupting; it is loud. Microphone will pick up your jangly earrings or bangle bracelets. Stick to studs and skip the bracelets.

If you are still not sure what to wear when you are in front of the camera, then its time to get in touch with Zoë Hennessey. She is one of the best Fashion Stylists in Los Angeles who have broad experience in styling for commercials, print advertisements, music videos, television shows, red carpet and fashion editorials.

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Why Your Brand Needs The Helping Hand Of A Fashion Stylist

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When it comes to personal branding I am very certain that websites, logos and packaging come to your mind first. Though you’re not wrong, your initial thought isn’t entirely right. Personal branding is promoting yourself and your career as a brand. You can have the most amazing website and the most unique logo but none of them matters if you fail to truly connect with your target audience.

So how can you truly connect with your audience? Of course, by speaking their language, creating a brand image that they can identify with, and placing yourself in a commanding figure in your industry. With a professional fashion stylist in LA alongside, you can achieve all three and create major opportunities and cash flow for your business. Keep reading to find out how a fashion stylist can make this happen for you.

stylist in LA

To help build a strong personal brand image:
It’s critical to start building your personal brand image once you start getting serious regarding your brand. Your personal brand image will help you in generating leads, directly and indirectly marketing yourself, closing deals at a higher success rate, and placing you as a professional when speaking to your dream client. When you appoint a fashion stylist in LA to take care of your image, you’ll be able to construct a signature brand look (this aids with keeping you at the top of your dream clients mind), a wardrobe that endorses your brand anywhere you go (this generates more prospects that can be easily converted into leads afterward), and you’ll be able to construct a stunning website and social media aesthetic that positions you as a reliable professional.

To create more cash flow:
Cash flow is important no matter what business you operate. When you add a fashion stylist to your crew not only will you be getting visual benefits but you’ll also get financial benefits too. As your fashion stylist is creating a unique visual brand image, he or she’ll also be saving you money as you shop, guiding you how to use & maintain your present wardrobe, and help you earn money by forming a look that speaks the language of your audience.

To improve the quality of your photo or video shoot:
Being a brand it’s critical that you find out time and invest in a brand photo shoot. Before you appoint the photographer, I highly advocate that you consult with a fashion stylist in LA. Let me explain why!

You wish to assure that your audience is taking a note of everything you have to say through these images. A horrible outfit, color selection, or poorly directed shoot could convey a negative message about your brand. Your audience won’t be able to receive the message properly if the smallest details are not in place.

Instead they’ll emphasize on how you could have made better wardrobe selection or how you could have created a better concept for the shoot, when they should be focused on how your offer could improve their life. This is the reason why I’d highly recommend that you talk to a stylist prior to proceeding with your photo shoot. The result of doing so would be a clear & accurate message, a look that precisely depicts you and your brand, a style & photo shoot concept that instantly connects with your target audience, and no visual imperfections that’d divert the viewer from your envisioned message.

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Why Should You Hire a Fashion Stylist in LA?


Do you want to look the best and feel the best at the same time? How about hiring a fashion stylist in LA? Are you thinking hiring a fashion stylist in Los Angeles is a luxury? No, it is not! A fashion stylist does more than make your look the best for special events. The benefits of hiring a fashion stylist are unlimited! A fashion stylist can help people dress up extraordinarily and bring the best out of you.

Fashion Stylist LA

Here are some points that justify hiring a professional fashion stylist is worth an investment!

Declutter and Renew Your Closet
Do you often say that I have nothing to wear? Having a wardrobe full of clothes and still saying nothing to wear! It is time to consult a fashion stylist to curate the best wardrobe as per your personality, style, and event.

Having a fashion stylist eliminates your anxiety and helps you fall in love with your wardrobe again. To look always good starts with the right foundation of having a functional wardrobe. A fashion stylist ensures developing a functional wardrobe that contains pieces tailored to your style.

It is for sure that you will never be confused about what to wear!

Enjoy Stress-Free and Time-Saving Shopping
Do you feel the stress of looking and shopping for new clothes? You can rely on a professional fashion stylist to do the shopping for you – it saves you time and money on impulse buying. Your stylist shops the best pieces that match your budget and style. With a professional stylist, you are definitely going to save time and money on shopping.

One of the best things about having a fashion stylist by your side is staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Build Confidence
Are you thinking about how a fashion stylist boosts your confidence? A professional fashion stylist can help you put your best foot forward. They will help boost your confidence and build your image. When you look good, you feel confident!

Wear clothes that suit your style and personality to make a mark! Your stylist understands you and knows how to make you look the best.

Do you want to build an impression on any person you meet? Remember how they see you at first matters the most in creating the first impression that lasts the longest. In this case, hiring a fashion stylist ensures you look your best at any required place or event.

Always Ready to Go
When you hire a fashion stylist, you get a tailored wardrobe with clothing and accessories curated specifically with you in mind for everyday, work, special events, and even your vacation. You are always ready to go!

If you are considering hiring a professional fashion stylist in LA, call, send a text at 917.623.7590, or email: [email protected] to get started!

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Things You Should Know About Professional Fashion Stylist in LA


Are you thinking about how the TV actors, musicians, and public figures look so good? Do you want to know the secret behind their wardrobe? A professional fashion stylist is a secret! Yes! A professional and experienced fashion stylist in LA has an eye that makes people look great.

What does Exactly a Fashion Stylist do?
A professional fashion stylist in Los Angeles coordinates all aspects of a person’s visual aesthetics. Having an experienced fashion stylist by your side can make you look fashionable and appealing. You may find many celebrity fashion stylists working with musicians and high-profile clients. Celebrities or personalities who are quite famous for their look and fashion sense may have a professional fashion stylist behind them.

Fashion Stylist Los Angeles

What should be a Fashion Stylist’s Job Description?

• Working for clients to prepare them for red carpet looks, shows, or various fashion industry events

• Styling clients as per the latest trends and styles

• Researching the fashion of different eras to bring out the best look for the clients

• Working with clients to craft a personal visual aesthetic, like shopping overhaul, closet clean-out, and outfit-making sessions

• Working with designers, models, photographers, makeup artists, public figures, and celebrities

• Creating an image for celebrities for the red carpet look

• Building strong professional networks

Where Are Fashion Stylists Found Working?

• On the set of professional photoshoots

• On music videos

• Television commercials and print advertisements

• Working with a current or aspiring public figure

What are the Essential Skills for a Professional Fashion Stylist?

• Knowledge of designer labels and fashion trends.

• Awareness of design, art, and the fashion industry.

• Knowledge about dressing clients in the most flattering ways.

• Strong communication skills to work with clients and build a network.

• Eye for detail with impeccable organizational skills.

• A high level of creativity and innovation.

From styling models for photo shoots to working with celebrity clients, professional fashion stylists share their passion for styling with various people.

A professional stylist can work in different areas to show talent and know-how to accentuate the positive attributes of people. With an experienced and creative fashion stylist, you can dress up at your best to impress everyone for each event.

If you are interested to know more about a talented professional fashion stylist in LA, contact Zoë Hennessey. You can call, send a text at 917.623.7590, or email: [email protected] to get started!

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