Azilal Rug Is A Unique Creation & Highly Sought After Artwork Of Berbers Craftsmanship

The Azilal (‘asi-lal’) rugs come from the Azilal region in the High Atlas Mountains about 180 km from Marrakech. It displays the wisdom and elegance of the local Berber women weavers that only gets better with age. They produce unusual & beautiful finish rugs that depict the important work of living art. The handwoven Azilal rugs are characterized by colorful patterns and beautiful themes on an uncolored woolen background. Each Azilal Rug illustrates the originality and creativity of Berber crafts. Such exclusive handwoven rugs can be used as decoration on both floors and walls.


The original & delightful charm of this vintage Moroccan Azilal rug adds an exclusive touch of playfulness to any room. These magnificent Moroccan rugs’ designs are simple. Its bright primary colors create a unique design that was meant for a unique sense and character. Such classic rugs will stand on their own as the focal point of the room. The large, narrow, and long Azilal rug works well to draw attention to the area where it is placed or featured as the best element in space itself. This Moroccan rug comes in different shapes and sizes that fit best to your convenience.

Every Azilal carpet is a piece of art. It will go well in creative, modern, simple, or different contemporary design schemes. The color fading, line thickness variations, imperfect shapes, asymmetry, and unusual borders make each work a unique product. The beautiful design of such a vintage pattern Azilal rug accentuates the expert women artisan’s craze as they wove exclusive designs. It will distinguish the older traditions of the tribal culture and the latest art forms of the modern era. The beauty of such Moroccan rugs is remarkable and reflects the feeling and unique unplanned design, imagination, and theme of the skilled artisans who create them.


The aboriginal patterns using traditional nomadic Berber tribal motifs and color palettes make the vintage Moroccan Azilal rug truly one-of-a-kind. The vintage Moroccan Azilal rug features numerous diagonal shapes, rigid lines to create unique patterns. The hand-knotted by the Atlas Mountains Berber tribes of Azilal reason using thick and heavy piles, made from 100% natural and finest virgin wool. The vibrant creation presents in the masterpiece rugs are simple that always draw the viewer’s attention. Investing in such a masterpiece is a wise decision as it grows its value over time. It also lasts for decades, saves your money, and is kept as a legacy!


The antique and high-quality Azilal rugs are considered to be the most prestigious rugs in Morocco. Such Berber Azilal rug featured a fantastic variety of colors, ranging from vibrant oranges and yellows to cooler purples and greens. Several diamond shapes and angular-moving lines actively generate interest on any backdrop. It draws the attention of many people and creates interest in any home decor. All those are finished to the highest standards before being sold online or shipped to clients.


Moroccan Carpet LTD is very passionate about Moroccan rugs. They make & handpick the loveliest selection of the highest quality Azilal rugs and make them available to clients worldwide. They spend a lot of time choosing the right ones for clients. All of their Moroccan Berber rugs are unique and most of them are vintage as well.

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