Add A Bit Of Morocco To Your House With A Beni Ourain Rug!!

Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are at the top of the must-have list for boho enthusiasts, when it comes to interior styling. Glorious, creamy Beni Ouarain rugs look great in almost any setting! They’re stunning elements in any mid-century and modernist setting. Despite the popularity of such a unique rug, the authentic Beni Ourain Berber rug remains in high demand for numerous reasons.


A Beni Ourain rug is usually extremely easy to spot. They’re composed of undyed wool, which gives them a neutral color foundation, and they’re embellished with little geometric designs in contrasting colors like grey or black. The backstory behind these amazing Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs makes them genuine. People love to have them in their homes.

On a white or cream backdrop, the famous Beni Ouarain carpet design displays a network of diamonds or lozenges! The lines that segregate the designs are made up of fine charcoal or brown lines. The discreet yet vibrant lines, unbalanced compositions, and vibrant geometric pattern make it thrive & lively.


The Beni Ouarain community is a confederation of seventeen Moroccan Berber tribes from the Middle Atlas Mountains’ north-western region. They keep sheep whose exceptional wool is responsible for generating such excellence of the original Beni Ouarain rug. The Beni Ouarain tribes also produced remarkable flatweaves, allowing weavers to display their full range of skills in the creation of women’s shawls and blankets, which are among the best and most technically challenging Moroccan textiles.

These tribes wove Beni Ouarain rugs to keep them warm in the highlands during the winter. The thick and comfy Beni Ourainrugs frequently measure more than 6m in length to accommodate a home space easily. Consider the enormous amount of time, effort, and skill that goes into creating these masterpieces.Bring a Beni Ourain rug into your house and experience the warmth for yourself.


Beni Ourain rugs are made with the best-sheared wool from the sheep grazing at the top of the mountain. It is the reason why authentic Beni Ourainrugs contain 100 percent top-grade wool. No dyes are used in the wool preparation process, and all-natural wool used in it will last for long-lasting warmth and luxury.

They use white, natural grey taupe, brown, and charcoal black as their primary hues, and their trademark geometric design approach. Nonetheless, each pattern is unique and preserves its own Atlas Mountain Berber tradition, keeping its weaving technique and knowledge while passing along messages and preserving history.The Beni Ouarain pile-weaving tradition dates back thousands of years. Their blend of simplicity and ingenuity complements modernism’s aesthetics while providing some softness to its severity.


A genuine vintage Beni Ouarain rug will display deep earthy inventiveness and distinctive design richness.  They’re now difficult to find in the market. Fortunately, Moroccan Carpet LTD is there to help you. They provide genuine Beni Ouarain rugs at the best price that you have ever found anywhere! For more information email at or call at 447868702108.

What Are the Different Types of Timeless & Trendy Moroccan Rugs?

The Moroccan Berber rugs are the prevalent decorative element in Moroccan houses. It is an integral part of the country’s culture and is considered one of the finest gems of Moroccan creativity & artistry. Now it becomes a trend item for modern home decoration. It not only brings more beauty but comfort to your home. Each Berber tribe’s own taste is reflected in each Moroccan rug. The special flair for such Moroccan rugs demonstrates the Moroccan tribes, climate, and access to resources. Here’s some information about the most popular Moroccan rugs and why each of them is so unique.


Azilal Rugs

The hand-knotted Azilal rugs & carpets come with vibrant colors and rich symbolic patterns. The natural wool used in such hand-knotted Moroccan rugs is usually cream, ivory, white, or neutral in color, with brilliantly colored wool dyed with native flowers and plants. The Azilals usually use more geometric shapes in their handcrafted carpets. It comes with a luxuriously thick pile as well. They are perfect for adding a little more spice to a room.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Traditional Moroccan Ben Ourain rugs from the Middle Atlas Mountains feature muted natural cream color tones. It comes in a monochromatic aesthetic. Its tones span from white to cream, making them ideal for minimalist houses. Geometric lines and patterns in black or dark brown adorn each Beni rug. Mismatched or asymmetrical elements are frequently used in the design, giving it a more unique and appealing vibe. Turquoise and taupe Beni Ourain rugs are quite rare! You can find it at Moroccan Carpet LTD! These carpets are ideal for those who like unique styles aligned with a timeless aesthetic.


Beni Mguild Rugs

Beni Mguild rugs & carpets are soft, thicker-weaved rugs popular in the colder climates of the western Middle Atlas. Deep colours of purple, blue, red, and brown are used to weave these rugs on a vertical loom. They can be flipped based on seasonal changes. This means you can use the plush side during the colder months and the flat surface during the warm months. A Beni Mguild carpet may be the correct choice for you if you value versatility and inventiveness.

Boucherouite Rugs

Moroccan Boucherouite rugs have whimsical and visually fascinating designs created from scraps of fabric and garments. It’s because of the shift from nomadic herding to more contemporary forms of work. Berber weavers produce practical echo-friendly Boucherouite carpets that are vivid in colour, warm, and durable from recycled materials. If you enjoy charm and vibrant hues, these outstanding Moroccan rugs will be a favourite.


Moroccan Rugs That Are Always In Style

Moroccan tribal rugs have become popular among modern interior designers in the western world. The appeal of Bohemian and bohemian style decoration has grown in popularity, and it has been welcomed by all. A typical Moroccan rug is the perfect choice for you if you appreciate the silky texture of warm natural wool, creat an immediate sense of well-being. Investment in such masterpieces can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It can be passed onto the next generation.


Where can you find  authentic Moroccan Berber Rugs? 

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Beni Rug- A Great Way To Add Style To Your Living Space

You may have heard about Moroccan Beni rugs that are used to enhance the appearance of homes, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and office spaces with an upscale appeal. Glorious, creamy Beni Ouarain rugs do look good in nearly any context. There is so much more to these works of art that allure one’s eye. Authentic Beni rugs look fantastic in a variety of settings, and there’s a lot to like about them. Furthermore, the history and tale behind these Beni Ourain rugs give them a real feel. It is the rug that can add personality to your space in an instance.


Do you know what they are and where they are made? Authentic Beni Ourain rugs are composed of the finest sheep’s wool. It gives a pleasing texture for your feet or for your children to play on. They are thick and designed to last for longer. As a result, they are ideal rugs for your household.Such genuine rugs provide a lot of warmth to your feet.As a result, they are ideal carpets for adding warmth to your room throughout the cold months. It can completely change the entire feel of your space and provide a cozy atmosphere.


Beni rug is one of the varying styles of authentic Moroccan rugs that give each individual apiece its own unique story, function, and artistic flair. These floorcloths are noted for their distinctive geometric patterns, brilliant colour folk art& themes. These are the family antiques that have been passed down through the years. Now it has become the hottest trend in interior design. Even though utility is their main purpose in Morocco, many people around the world enjoy collecting and decorating with them.


Traditional Beni rugs are also called Berber Beni rugs because they are made by different Berber tribes.Exploring each one reveals what distinguishes this traditional rug-making art form, as well as why they are sometimes used for purposes other than simply covering the floor.Moroccan Berber Beni rug are made from pure sheep wool in a variety of piles and thicknesses, depending on the location.  They use the finest grade natural dyes, and herbal washes before making the Berber Beni rugs. The making of each Beni rug takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece on a loom based on the size and complexity. The crafts women  ensure quality and preserve the uniqueness of each tribal design.


The authentic Moroccan Beni rugs are high-quality and long-lasting, which is why they are popular in schools, workplaces, homes, and other high-traffic areas all around the world. These stunning rugs can blend Moroccan traditions with contemporary interior design to create truly stunning settings. As a result, the Beni Ourain rugs are considered the most valuable rugs in the world.

Every Beni Ourain rug has its own storey to tell, thus no two rugs are alike.  They are one-of-a-kind and regarded as a work of art. Are you looking for some extra style rug that has some unique story to tell? The Beni Ourain rug is ideal for your living space.


Beni rugs are stain-resistant and less expensive than plush carpets in most circumstances.Carefully clean these floor decorations in every 6 to 12 months to avoid wear patterns. It is popular among collectors because of its exotic beauty, simplicity, and remarkable primitivism & childish appeal. It provides a distinct style to curate any home ambiance. If you want to have a prestigious Beni Ourain rug for your space then never forget to contact Moroccan Carpet LTD– the richest online source of authentic Moroccan rugs. For more information email us at or call us at 447868702108 .

Spruce Up Your Living Room With A Most Striking Kilim Rug

Kilim rugs are pileless rugs produced by several flat weaving techniques. It is not a thick/ fluffy/ heavy rug as other Moroccan Berber rug. The unique blend of colour, bold & striking geometrical or diagonal patterns makes it remains as a class of their own. It represents the artistic creativity that evokes the emotions, self-expression & tradition of the craftswomen.

It showcases the subtle pattern, which is perfect for any contemporary setting or modern home interior and blends well with a traditional home’s classic flair. Apart from its distinctive visual appeal, it possesses several other positive attributes and investing in it will be a wise investment for many homeowners.


Kilim rugs are different from others due to their waving technique in the loom. Making a Kilim rug is quite laborious and entails a perfect skill. It is a handmade rug created using a unique weaving technique where the interlocking warps go vertically, and the weft thread goes horizontally.

They are interwoven to each other to be held together by tightly pressing the wefts against each other. They are basically flatweave rugs. The handmade rugs with piles are not coming under flatweaves fabric. It was created by knotting individual strands of different colours and warping to bring unique patterns.


Moroccan Kilim rugs are widely appreciated for their eye-catching patterns and designs. Adding it to your home is a great way to enhance the ambiance and home appeal. It has the capability to transform a dull-looking home into an inviting place. Its simple and bold geometric designs and pattern make it versatile. You can use it as a beautiful artwork, table covers, bedspreads or a floor covering or used to bring some stunning accent to your furniture’s.


Moroccan Kilim rugs are a kind of slit-woven textiles that have the capability to bring life to any space instantly! Its unique weaving techniques highlighted the geometric shapes patterns and left disjointed weft threads. If you make a close look, you’ll find the small vertical slits along the edges of each pattern! The majority of Kilim rugs are made from 100% wool. In some cases, the warp will also contain cotton. The attractive designs on it give a unique look and cause them to separate from others.


If you think about the price-then, Moroccan Kilim rugs are more affordable compared to hand-knotted rugs. Maintaining the Kilim rugs is also not a big problem because they won’t have piles. It won’t catch up with dirt and dust, and of course, there will be no shedding issues as well. A flatweave rug is considered to be of high quality because it is handmade.

Virgin wool is the best choice for making Moroccan rugs, and it brings warmth and coziness to your home! Natural dyes are used to produce a high-quality Kilim rug. It won’t wear off quickly & tones down beautifully once it will get faded! It allows Kilim rugs to age gracefully and evolve with different colours throughout the years.

For more information about the authentic Kilim rugs right at your doorstep in Morocco, please visit today! Moroccan Carpet LTD will provide their best support to get the one for your home and at the best price. For more information email us at or call us at 447868702108 .