Being Conversationally Fluent in Spanish – A Few Essential Steps

Want to learn Spanish? Looking for online Spanish classes in Los Angeles? Before you begin your search for professional online language classes for learning the language, take a look at the following tips or steps that will help you become conversationally fluent in Spanish.

What’s Conversational Fluency ?

Conversational fluency matters a lot as you have to speak Spanish rather than just learning it! If you cannot speak fluently or clearly then you cannot convey your thoughts to another person and hence may miss that connection. Being able to read, write and speak perfectly may overwhelm you. Therefore, aiming to be conversationally fluent will help you in mastering the language conveniently.

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Steps to be conversationally fluent in Spanish

  • Know Why You Want to Speak Fluent Spanish

Learning to speak Spanish fluently can be easier when you know why you want to speak the language. Find out what pushes you or makes you passionate for learning the language. Everyone has a different reason for learning Spanish. For instance, some may have a passion to learn new languages while some may want to learn the language to deal with a Spanish client or impress their love interest who is a native speaker. Be it your hobby, adventure or literature, learn what fuels your motivation that pushes forward to learn the language. You must also learn Spanish-related hobbies, learn songs in Spanish, or start reading Spanish literature to make the learning process more fun filled.

  • Create a Spanish Language Phrasebook of your own

You may find thousands of words and phrases with most Spanish phrasebooks. However, not all phrases and words will be usefulĀ  to you. Therefore, creating your personalized Spanish phrasebook and vocabulary list. The words and phrases you put in this book will be used by you all the time. When you focus on these words and expressions it will help you become conversationally fluent in Spanish language. While starting off make sure to list down the words and expressions that you may use in your day to day life.


  • Learn Spanish Conversational Connectors

To speak fluent Spanish you need to bridge ideas and phrases with the conversational connectors to ensure that your speak Spanish like the natives and not like a robot by mugging up the book. Some of the main categories of connectors that you must focus on include apologising, (dis)agreeing, closing, filler, elaborating, passing, opening, qualifying, quoting and switching. These conversational connectors act as a medium to bridge the gap between written and spoken Spanish that will enhance your fluency. However, make sure not to memorize all the conversational connectors at once. Pick a few and use them as quickly as you can.

  • Talk with Native Spanish Speakers

One of the best ways to become conversationally fluent in Spanish is to speak Spanish on daily basis with natives. Your goal must be to use as much of the language as you can, as often as you can and wherever you can. If there are no native speakers in your city, then speak to yourself in Spanish. You can also use listening materials to learn the language quicker. But make sure that you don’t just listen it passively but involve yourself actively while listening.

  • Join an online Spanish Class

Joining an online Spanish class is one of the most effective ways to learn the language. The professional and expert teachers will help you in learning the language and guide you anytime you need help. However, make sure to research well about the online Spanish classes in Los Angeles before joining one.


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