Exceptional Water Activities for a Promising Yet Unforgettable Adrenaline Rushing Experience

Dubai is well known for its wide span of unsoiled and sparkling beaches. Water sports activities are a common occurrence in Dubai. It is also one of the best beaches in the world appropriate for wonderful water Sports activities like jet-skiing, parasailing fly-boarding, banana ride paddle-boarding, kayaking, knee-boarding, and more. The perfect weather and clear crystal water invite hundreds of tourists and locals alike. Dubai offers a wide range of exciting and fantastic water activities for its visitors and thrill seekers. Let’s discover some extravagant and exciting water sports activities in Dubai.


Parasailing activity is the best alternative for those who always seek to rise above the res. Dubai city is one of the best places in the world for a parasailing adventure. It is a fantastic experience filled with fun and perceives the beautiful and unique view of the surroundings. Parasail with your family or friends at an altitude of about 200-meter gives you an extraordinary view of city sights like Dubai Marina, the luxury waterfront homes, and the buildings of Jumeirah Beach Residence, the iconic Burj al Arab, the incredible sea while enjoying the energizing flow of wind. The cheap jet ski rental in Dubai provides exceptional support with their experts and guides you about the equipment, safety, and security you need during your adventurous activity filled with thrill and adrenaline over the Arabian Gulf.

Jet Ski

Do you want to find a special feeling while passing through the lavished yet iconic buildings like the Atlantis hotel and the Burj Al Arab, the picturesque Palm Jumeirah, and gaze at the skyline of Dubai Marina? Jet Ski is the perfect activity on clear water under the blue sky for you and your family, couple, or even solo. It is not only a popular water-activity but a competitive sport too. It is a better way to take in Dubai’s grand and majestic surroundings on a jet ski. The renowned Jet ski rental in Dubai provides 310 horsepower Jet Ski, the best instructors ready to give you the best and safest jet ski riding instructions to ride the jet. It could be an added adventure that puts your joy on edge for an exceptional adventurous experience. You can go for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 120 minutes. It is a play in the open sea or goes for a sight-seeing tour of Burj-Al-Arab, BurjKhalifa, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), and much more fun while experiencing the beautiful view of the city.

Banana ride

Banana ride Dubai

Are you looking for some of the best adventurous water sports and water rides? Banana ride in Dubai is perfect option for you. It is one of the most exciting water activity in Dubai, available for families and groups visiting Dubai. The banana ride gives you lots of fun, where you ride an inflatable banana-shaped boat pulled across the sea with a speed boat’s assistance. It will take you onto the middle of Dubai’s water for a promising yet unforgettable adrenaline rushing experience. It is a fun-filled water activity to try with friends and family! Get your thrill mode on and do something exciting with your group on a Banana ride trip in Dubai.

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