Berber Rug – A Traditional Rug that Brings Warmth and Elegance to Your Home

Planning for redecorating your home? Then you must look for a rug change! Or if you do not have a rug, then you can add one to enhance the look of your home. A rug can offer different look to your room and that is why; it is often considered as a style statement in a room. And one of the best rugs that you can add to the décor of your home is the Berber rug . But what’s that?

Let us find out below –

Berber rugs are one of the most interesting rug varieties which add a little pizzazz to the décor of your home. These rugs come in a number of colors and styles and are available for budgets of all type. Berber rug got its name from an ethnic group in North Africa that crafted the unique weaving style that can be noticed in these rugs. These rugs were mainly hand-woven by the women since the Paleolithic era.One of the interesting characteristics of the Berber rugs is a light colored rug with dashes of dark colors usually gray or brown.


  • Types of Berber Rugs

You can find a variety of Berber rugs depending upon the tribes that have woven them. For instance the Moroccan Berber rugs have braided or combed fringes while Azilal rugs have colorful patterns and short hair. Similarly the Berber rugs by the tribes in the Mrirt region are identified by the thickness of wool as compared to the Berber rugs from Béni Ouarain that contain sober colors decorated with geometric lines of dark or bright colors. Again, if you have more affinity towards colors and geometric patterns on a Berber rug then you can go for kilim rugs by Boucherouite which offers a vintage look to your home.

Over time, the Berber rugs became popular and looking into its popularity numerous such rugs were woven using a variety of colors. However, today looped style rugs are referred as Berber rugs that are available in multiple colors as well as solid colors. Berber rugs not only add elegance to your home but also bring comfort and warmth to it. You can place them anywhere within your home from living room, bedroom to kitchen. However, make sure to choose the design and color that goes well with your room where you wish to install it.


  • Cost and Durability

As far as cost is concerned Berber rug is a cost-effective option as compared to other rugs available in the market. Also, these rugs are more durable than its other counterparts available at the same price.

  • Maintenance of Berber Rugs

Maintaining a Berber rug is not a hassle, however, you need to be careful enough not to damage it with harsh methods. Use vacuums after adjusting then appropriately and using a soft tip. You can also clean up the spills using a cloth or paper towel. For that you must add some water on the spill, especially if the spill has been sitting for quite a while on the carpet and then clean it up after a few minutes. With proper care and maintenance Berber rugs can last longer than you can imagine.


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