Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Vape 100 Ripe Collection 60ml

Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Vape 100 Ripe Collection – A Confusing Yet Juicy Concoction

Today one can discover a wide selection of fruit flavored e-liquids in the market. Surprisingly, every now and then a new fruity flavor gets emerged with some uniqueness which drives the vapers crazy. Among several ejuice companies the Vape 100 Flavor Company rules the world of vape. It is a premium e-liquid company that was founded in Orange County, California. The company began with an aim to help people who want to quit smoking. Keeping the aim intact Vape 100 today takes pride in crafting the most unique and quality flavors at an affordable price.

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Today, Vape 100 has become a lifestyle brand for vapers, ex-smokers as well as vape enthusiasts. With a belief to bringing quality products to the vape market, Vape 100 became a leading name. The vaping industry is no constant just like any other industry. Many vaping companies come and go in waves especially due to the regulations that gave anxiety to everyone. However, Vape 100 with their purpose to help people across the nation and the world to lead a smoke-free life continued with unique solutions.

Being vapers themselves, they kept belief in their service, products and consistency which led them towards the success. And today where vapers are opting for fruity flavors, they are created the Vape 100 Ripe Collection that comprises of several unique and incredible concoctions of flavors.

Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Vape 100 Ripe Collection 60ml

At times e-liquids with long confusing name and flavor profile come to the market but only a few create the hype with their crazy and speechless concoctions. Once of such flavorsome introduction is the Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Vape 100 Ripe Collection. If you are in search of a blue razz flavor that will knock your socks off then make sure to try out the Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate! The tangy blue razzleberry ejuice blended perfectly with hints of sweet pomegranate make this ejuice an out of this world vape.

Although the name of this flavor is a bit confusing to say but its first hit will make your taste buds jump with joy and demand more of it. Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate by Vape 100 Ripe Collection began from unpretentious beginnings and rapidly rose to become one of the leading bluerazz pomegranate flavors in the vape industry winning best eliquid at VAPELECTION 2018. This ejuice from Vape 100 is mixed to a 60-40 VG-PG ratio; hence you can anticipategetting the thorough amount of flavor coming through with each and every hit.The Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate ejuice by Vape 100 comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle that makes it extremely easy to refill without any mess!

High VG e-juice

All the flavors from Vape 100 Ripe Collection are FDA registered and compliant with current regulations. The perfect blend of flavors has made them succeed in the world of vaping.


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