Buy An Oval Shape Diamond Engagement Ring in Canada

Are you looking for a timeless, minimal or vintage-inspired engagement ring? If yes, shopping for an oval diamond engagement ring in Canada is right for you. It has elongated shape, flattering effect and ability to look bigger than their carat size. Oval diamonds are becoming more popular in different settings.

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Canada

Oval diamond engagement rings sets in Canada make for a beautiful choice and appeal to most brides including those looking for something just slightly unique. Oval engagement rings are perfect for those who love the classic design but want something just a little bit unique. Oval shaped rings have the ability to make you feel regaland refreshing while being more timeless and trendier.

An oval engagement ring may be ideal for you if you want to buy something exceptional. It looks larger than a round stone, giving you more bangs on your investment. This style ring brings in a flattering and elongated shape.


Oval cut rings are romantic and distinctive. The feminine curves of oval cut engagement rings complement any settings beautifully. They come with modified brilliant cut oval diamonds that sparkle exquisitely in a unique yet elongated shape. Well-known for a vintage feel, extra shimmer, an oval engagement ring is a right choice for you.

Buying an Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Canada –

When it comes to shopping for engagement ring sets in Canada, you should look no further than Lily Jewellery. Our oval cut diamond engagement ring is the most popular one around the world. Currently, most people prefer 14K gold as it comes with a sparkling high polish finish and looks very beautiful.


Its design is striking and oozes elegance. That’s why most people consider shopping for this oval cut diamond engagement ring. At LilyJewellery, they use different types of metals and gold. This entire process can be customized to meet your requirements and budget.

This particular diamond ring comes with an adjustable center diamond of 0.46 Carat and shape of princess, radiant, asscher and cushion. You can choose side and center synthetic gemstones and get a weight of 3.7 gram and a total 37 pieces of center stimulate stone.


The oval cut diamond ring is available in 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22K and platinum and silver metals. You will be able to choose from Rose, White and Yellow color while shopping for a diamond cut engagement ring set in Canada.

While choosing the perfect oval engagement rings, you should remember that oval cut diamond is truly exceptional. Check out a variety of stones and make sure that you choose the stone that works right for you.

At the end of the day, you should trust your instinct. You’re the one who is going to wear the diamond or have your loved ones wear; so you must love it for sure.

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