Buying Sofa Online – A Brief Guidance

The year 2020 acquainted even the novice smart device users with online shopping. It was the year where everyone of us relied more on online shopping than ever before. Online shopping today is not just confined to buying clothing and electronics but for buying everything from groceries to furniture and more.


As COVID made us spend more time in our homes, many people realized that they need to pay attention to their home decor especially the furniture pieces. However, finding the right pieces for homes without making a physical visit to the store can be a challenging job. While buying clothes online is easy placing order for a large piece of furniture online can be overwhelming.

Are you also considering to buy sofa online in Singapore? Feeling it as a risky affair? But did you know it can be a simple and pleasant experience? We at Zest Livings have brought you a brief online sofa buying guidance to make the process a comfortable one.

  • Shop for the One That you Find Comfortable

If you are inclined towards Aquaclean sofa in Singapore, then look for the Aquaclean series. If you love reclining ones then find a sofa that offers you the support you desire. Do you know there are a few key factors that can help you measure the comfort level of a sofa online by looking it on a website? Sounds crazy right! But it’s true.

For instance, if you are looking for a sofa where you can sit cross-legged and enjoy your day then look for a sofa with a greater seat depth. Similarly, if you wish to lean back against the armrest of your sofa and stretch out, keep the arm height and shape in mind to ensure optimum comfort.

In short, you need to consider the factors that will make your sofa experience the most comfortable one depending upon how you use your sofa.

  • Read the Reviews

Remember you are not alone when it comes to buying sofa online! Make sure to read the reviews given by other sofa buyers who have used the sofa. It will help you learn more about the quality of the sofa, the comfort it offers and if it looks the same in real life as pictured online! This one step will save much of your time, money and energy! Never skip it!

  • Be familiar with the Return and Exchange Policies

Before you buy a sofa online in Singapore or any other place, make sure that the return and exchange policies are simple and hassle-free. Research the company’s return policy thoroughly. While there are companies with strict policies, there are companies like us who offer generous return policies that will make your sofa buying, returning and exchange process easy and stress-free. We will help you shop your sofa with confidence!

  • Ask for Swatches First

Several retailers are there who offer to send you fabric swatches for a small charge or even for free of cost. It is a great way to take the test drive of the fabric you will be using and lounging on. You need to take full advantage of this test drive. You can try out different experiments on the fabric like spilling some wine to check how easily it gets stained, rub them on your pets to check if their fur clings to the fabric and likewise.

  • Visualize it

Before you buy a sofa online be confident by knowing how it will look and fit in your space. Imagining how the big piece of furniture will look and feel in your space in not an easy job, but it is one of the most important step when it comes to buy a sofa online. You can try out 3D version of your actual room.

We at Zest Livings are committed to bring you the best quality furniture pieces including Aquaclean sofa in Singapore. Buy sofa online in Singapore with us at the best prices. We have been doing furniture over 5 decades, and we know what quality is and what makes you happy. Want to explore our collection? Contact us now!