Engagement Rings – A Few Interesting Facts to Look Upon!

Are you getting engaged to your beloved anytime soon? Looking for best engagement rings in Canada? But do you know the meaning of an engagement ring? Have you ever thought which finger is best for wearing an engagement ring? Obviously, No! Who thinks all these while buying engagement rings? But understanding these things make your search for engagement rings more interesting and meaningful.


What does an engagement ring signify?

Engagement also termed as betrothal in English, Sponsum in Latin and Compromiso in Spanish symbolizes a formal agreement for marrying someone. The engagement ring signifies the promise and commitment to get into a lifelong relationship with a person you love as husband or wife.


Do you know engagement rings are worn on different hands as per different cultures, places and traditions! For instance, in America and most of the European countries engagement ring is worn on the left hand while in countries such as India, Spain, Peru, Denmark and Norway, the engagement rings are worn on the right hand.

Why Engagement rings are Worn on the Fourth Finger?


Regardless of which hand you choose to wear your engagement ring, the finger that you put your ring on is the same i.e. the fourth finger also known as the ring finger. But why fourth finger? While today the concept of blood circulatory system is well-known but prior to that people believed that a vein called as the ‘Vena Amoris‘ or the ‘Vein of Love’ directly ran from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. However, Catholic couples wear their engagement rings on fourth finger of the right hand as they believe that the right hand is connected to the heart of the person.

Which hand is right for wearing the engagement ring after marriage?

As per one of the traditions, after marriage the engagement ring must be placed on top of the wedding ring again on the fourth finger of your left hand. According to this tradition the groom removes the engagement ring from the bride’s left hand and places the wedding ring there. After the wedding ceremony gets over, the bride removes her engagement ring from her right hand and places it on the top of her wedding ring. Nowadays many brides weld the engagement ring and wedding ring to wear them together while many keep the wedding ring on their left hand and engagement ring on their right hand. Many couples even choose to wear only the wedding ring.

Make your bond unique – Go for the Custom designed engagement rings!

Whatever tradition you may follow, engagement rings play a significant role in making the bond stronger. Therefore, choosing the best engagement ring is what every couple desires. When it comes to choosing best engagement rings in Canada, one of the most trending options is custom rings. You can get in touch with a reputable custom jewellery manufacturer in Canada and get your engagement rings custom designed to get a unique design that symbolizes your love for your beloved in the most exclusive way.


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