Choose Mango by NKTR for All Day Vape

Do you really like fruity flavored vape juice? Are you looking for your next all day vape? Nothing can beat the flavorful delight of Mango by NKTR 60ml. NKTR is a famed e-juice brand that has been in the vaping industry for a while now.

All of the e-juices available from NKTR have become very popular and are top sellers in the vaping market. As a well-known brand, they specialize in creating amazing pure fruit flavors that are fully authentic and mouthwatering. One of the coolest things about NKTR is that they are considered as one of the first ones to start using TFN – Tobacco Free Nicotine.

This means, the nicotine amount present in the e-juice is of pure quality and was made synthetically inside the laboratory. Generally, the nicotine available in the vape juice comes naturally from the plant of tobacco.

Tobacco is extracted from the plant and altered to a form that can be mixed easily into vape liquid. The presence of TFN in NKTR’s e-juices means that nicotine is made completely tobacco free inside a lab. In fact, TFN offers a stronger flavorful taste and much smoother throat hit than other vape juices can.

When you take Mango by NKTR, you will feel the extreme existence of TFN. It will taste like you have taken a slice of juicy mango. The vape juice comes with a consistent and strong flavor from the very beginning to the end. The NKTR e-liquid gets complemented with a smooth and easy going throat hit.

Mango e-juice is crafted masterfully by using top standard ingredients in a 70%/30% VG/PG combination. It means the vape juice holds its flavor effortlessly and creates clouds seemingly thicker and chunkier.

Mango by NKTR 60ml is available in a traditional glass e-juice bottle that comes with a dripper connected to the cap. It will be packaged in a black box with a cartoonish mango slice on it. The bottle will be wrapped in a label matching the box perfectly. The Mango by NKTR e-juice comes in 30ml and 60ml bottle sizes and with 0MG, 3MG and 6MG nicotine levels.

When it comes to buying your all-day vape, it’s highly suggested to grab a bottle or two. Don’t wait for as all may vape it all before you buy some. Yes, it’s that much good.

Mango by NKTR 60ml

Buying Mango Vape Juice by NKTR 60ml

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