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Welcome to DD Enterprises, the leading non woven bag manufacturer. Say no to plastics easily with us. You have arrived at one of the best non woven bag suppliers. Non-woven bags are eco-friendly. We are an experienced manufacturer of quality non woven carry bags. With the use of quality material our team produces durable and quality bags that are safe for the environment and not like plastics. Carry biodegradable bags. We have different color options to offer. Get the best bags from us at the best rates. Here, you can customize non woven bags as per your requirements. Yes, we customize bags as per the client’s needs. In all the years of our service, we have always tried to understand what our customers want, what type of quality or what type of bag they exactly need. We are chosen a lot in Bhubaneswar because we are one of the very popular suppliers of Non Woven Carry Bags in Bhubaneswar. We have our non woven bags in different styles. You can have a look at the different options available.

Non Woven Carry Bags Price in Bhubaneswar: Are you looking for non woven bags for your business or another purpose at reasonable rates? Then, check out our product list and find out the price for the different styles of non woven bags we manufacture. 

Non Woven Carry Bags

  • Non-Woven W Cut Plain Bags – They are available for ₹175 per kg. 
  • Non-Woven W Cut Printed Bags – It is available for ₹250 per kg. You can print your logo. 
  • Non-Woven D Cut Plain Bags – They are available at ₹160 per kg. 
  • Non-Woven D Cut Printed Bags – These are available at ₹230 per kg. 
  • Loop Handle Plain Bags – These bags are offered at ₹180 per kg. 
  • Loop Handle Printed Bags – You can print your logo and these bags are available at ₹240 per kg.

Let us know which bag you want and we will deliver the same. Share the details with us we will get back to you.

Why Us? 

We source materials from reliable vendors

  • Best quality bags are offered
  • Assurance of commendable customer service
  • Reasonable rates

Get in touch with us soon. We have different colors, sizes, materials, and prints of bags to offer. 

Non Woven Carry Bags

Prioritize using non woven bags because they are compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, and environment-friendly. 

We make sure to provide durable and good quality non woven bags at affordable rates. Our bags are worth buying. They are all made from the finest materials. You have reached the right non woven bag supplier in Bhubaneswar so just relax. We will serve you the exact bag you order. 

Share your order requirements soon. We would be happy to provide you with our top-class non woven bags.

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