Save Money With Bulk 1 Gallon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil has been a multi-purpose culinary oil for centuries, all around the world. Whether drizzled on salads or as a frying or sautéing oil, olive oil has been a favorite of chefs of all kinds. Extra virgin olive oil been the mainstay of the Mediterranean diet, which makes it no surprise that diet is held up as an example of healthy eating.


That’s because extra virgin olive oil doesn’t just carry its own health benefits but augments the health benefits of other ingredients as well. When foods are cooked with extra virgin olive oil, they have a higher proportion of monounsaturated fats – healthier than the saturated fats in many foods. Research has also shown that the body more easily absorbed fat-soluble vitamins, glucosinolates, and carotenoids from foods cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

Rules to Remember when Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With its many uses and benefits, it only makes sense to buy a gallon of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your kitchen. But to get the most out of it, it’s important to know how to use it properly. Never heat olive oil past its smoke point. Doing so will release free radicals that diminish or negate the normal health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, as well as degrading the oil’s delicious flavor.


Heath Benefits from Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

But you don’t have to cook with extra virgin olive oil to enjoy the health benefits. There are several other ways to use this oil that don’t risk overheating. But before we look at that, let’s talk about those health benefits.

Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to contribute to better cardiovascular health and a more stable blood sugar. It also provides relief from inflammation and constipation, improves skin and hair and promotes digestive health as well.


Other Ways to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may have read that people around the Mediterranean will sometimes drink olive oil, a trend that is now spreading beyond that area. This is one of the easiest ways to get the health benefits of olive oil without cooking, but it’s important to start in moderation so you can reap the health benefits without upsetting your stomach. In the beginning, drink a single tablespoon at a time until you and your body are ready for more.


While you can drink olive oil any time of day, many people find it easier to drink it on an empty stomach. And if you have a sensitive stomach, it may be better to avoid drinking olive oil altogether and get the benefits of olive oil through cooking instead.

But if you do decide to drink olive oil, stick with extra virgin olive oil. This oil has a higher quantity of healthy fats and antioxidants than more refined olive oils, imparting the greatest health benefit. And most of all, make sure you’re getting your oil from a reputable provider like Sonoma Farm to be sure you’re getting 100% olive oil with no additives or other diluting oils.


Sonoma Farm prides itself on using quality ingredients with a rigorous, transparent production process at their FDA inspected facilities to make sure you’re getting the best EVOO made only from fresh Arbequina and Arbosana olives. So, to get a gallon of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for your kitchen and start getting the benefits of EVOO for yourself, call Sonoma Farm at 708 834 0025 today and place your order. For more information email at .