Comparing Contemporary And Modern Furniture Designs

If you are planning to transform your traditional interior decor into something new and trendy. And looking for contemporary furniture in Singapore? But feeling lost and confused when considering the differences between contemporary furniture and modern furniture? Then you are not alone many people face the same confusion. Following post is all about similarities and dissimilarities of contemporary and modern furniture so that you can distinguish them well. Take a look:


What is contemporary design?

Contemporary refers to “occurring or living at present” i.e. something that goes well with the current moment which exemplifies that contemporary furniture designs equals to the current design trends while keeping the honour of past alive. What makes contemporary designs unique is that it borrows elements from numerous different design styles. Moreover, contemporary furniture styles keep evolving constantly. Unlike other styles contemporary designs refer to the styles that gain traction at present. With contemporary design styles you will notice curved lines, nonaligned palettes and prominent simplicity.


What is modern design?

Modern designs are comparatively more intricate and complex that reflects modern art movements. These design styles have roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and design. While contemporary designs incorporate hits of colours, modern designs the focus is on the use of monochromatic colours and are often without any patterns.

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Differences between contemporary designs and modern designs

  • Modern furniture styles feature wooden and earth-friendly elements while contemporary furniture Singapore designs embrace the concept of using natural materials paired with concrete, steel and other industrial elements.

  • Modern designs often boast a purpose while contemporary designs focus more on form and aesthetic appeal.

  • Contemporary style constantly evolves and is more fluid and eclectic as it takes inspiration and styles from different eras while modern designs follow a strict format of simplicity, balance and clean lines.

  • Modern designs incorporate natural and warm neutrals while contemporary designs incorporate bold starkness in them like monochromatic black and white.

  • Contemporary furniture Singapore designs are usually a bit curvier while modern furniture styles favour straight and strong lines.

  • Contemporary furniture designs blend comfort with sophistication along with a fresh look and feel. These pieces of furniture incorporate metallic touch like nickel, stainless steel and chrome. On the other hand modern furniture are designed using the mix of natural materials.

  • Modern design furniture come in colors with earthier hues and feature shades of turquoise, brown, rust, and greens. Contemporary designs possess a stronger palette of black and white and grey. Other colors include pure and saturated tones such as red, orange and indigo.

These are some of the dissimilarities between modern and contemporary designs, so choose the furniture style that suits your personality, taste and home decor. Get in touch with a furniture expert who can help you decide on the style of furniture you must incorporate in your home for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior.


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