Customized Petra Tour Let You Explore the Unique and Enchanted City Of Petra

Located in southern Jordan, the historic archaeological site at Petra is one of the country’s most visited places. The amazing ‘lost city’ was built on the sheer rock face in a mountain range, presumed to be made before 2000. The unique and enchanted city of Petra runs along the Dead Sea and Gulf of Aqaba. Petra can be visited from many regional cities and countries, and Petra tours are available in half-day, full-day, and multi-day options.

Is it worth to visit Petra?

Petra tours


A lot of people have asked whether the Petra tour is deserving of your visit! In the world, Petra in Jordan is the prominent tourist attraction and one of the most famous archaeological sites and UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you visit their once, you will very well know why it is so renowned Petra is renowned for its rose-hued buildings carved out of the rock. The marvel architecture of the site makes it one of the original Severn Wonders of the World! Apart from that, it offers a lot of things to see and photograph, including Bedouin people and their outfit.

Madaba City

On the way to Petra, your guide will take you fo a quick visit to Madaba City. It’s is recognized as the “City of Mosaics” and is less than an hour’s drive from Jordan’s capital city of Amman. The guided Petra tours are the best alternative to perceive the Old Testament of such astonishing tiles at the Greek Orthodox St George Church. The famous mosaics depict the 6th Century Byzantine mosaic map shows all the notable sites of the Holy Land.` if you’re into all things biblical, it’s worth the stop.

Where to stay in Petra?

Little Petra

After a three- to four-hour drive (depending on the size of your transport), you’ll arrive in Wadi Musa, the closest town to Petra, where you’ll likely spend the Night. From this vantage point at Petra, you can perceive the old town of Wadi Musa, where you’ll probably stay. It’s not the worst but certainly worthy of your staying in four-star or family-run hotels. Continue reading