DD Enterprises manufactures non-woven carry bags in Bhubaneswar at a reasonable price

Today, the world has become increasingly aware of the hazards that human beings have caused to mother nature. The perils of environmental degradation are affecting human lives in one way or the other. So, there is a greater need to protect our environment and repair the damage that has been done. Governments of all countries, various organizations, and individuals together have joined hands to encourage people to use products that are eco-friendly and do not possess risks to the environment.

The Indian Government has put a ban on single-use plastic items and is making efforts to reduce the waste produced by plastics. Discarding plastic bags is a suitable option to reduce such waste. Therefore, there is a growing demand for products that are environment-friendly, safe, and cost-effective products. Non-woven bags serve the purpose. Non-woven bags are made from spun bond non-woven polypropylene, that is, they are not sewn or knitted. They are not just environment friendly but have added benefits too.


Non-woven bags are now preferred by everyone and most stores use them to pack their products like gifts, clothes, medicines, etc. If you are looking for non-woven bags, DD Enterprises has got a variety of non-woven bags to suit your requirements. We are a known name among the manufacturers of non-woven carry bags in Bhubaneswar. We deal in manufacturing, supplying, wholesaling, and printing non-woven bags. Our products are made from good quality raw material and are duly appreciated by our clients. We can also customize the bags and print them according to your requirements. Moreover, our products are available in different colors, sizes, and designs making us a reliable choice for the clients and the local market.

Take a look at our non-woven products list: –

  • Non-woven W cut plain bags
  • None-woven W cut printed bags
  • Non-woven D cut plain bags
  • Non-woven D cut printed bags
  • Loop handle plain bags
  • Loop handle printed bags

Our prices are economical and the best in the market. We are sure that you will never find non-woven carry bags at such a reasonable price in Bhubaneswar.


Why non-woven Bags: –

  • Non-woven bags are 100% recyclable and reusable
  • They are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and not toxic to the environment
  • They are durable enough to last long. They do not wear out easily and are washable too
  • They are budget-friendly as compared to their plastic counterparts
  • They are foldable and portable that is they can be carried everywhere
  • They are stylish and come in all shapes and sizes
  • They are lightweight yet strong

For all your non-woven bag requirements, reach out to us or visit our store in Bhubaneswar. You can also order online by filling in your requirements.