How Princess Diana as a Loving Mother Redefined Royal Motherhood?

The fashion icon Princess Diana was a loving royal mother who ripped up the rule book to show the best way of parenting. Everyone knows Princess Diana always tended to go apart from the royal protocol. She wanted to set an example of a modern royal mother in the 21st century. Princess Diana was determined to define the lives of her young sons and pass on traditions.

Here are a few things that showed how Princess Diana was a caring and loving royal mother!

She Decided to Sent Her Sons to School

Traditionally royal family kids are schooled at home. There was an army of teachers to teach the kids a diverse group of subjects at the Palace. Princess Diana wanted her children to lead a normal childhood. She decided to break the tradition of homeschooling by enrolling Prince William and Harry in public school. 

Princess Diana considered a Montessori School in Nottingham Hill to send her kids that was a few minutes from home. She would walk with her sons to and from school every morning. 


Active Participation as a Mother in the School Functions 

Princess Diana participated in school functions and behaved like a normal mother without special treatment. She mingled with other mothers and showed that her sons were a priority. 

She Gave Importance to One-On-One Bonding Time

Princess Diana always loved to treasure her one-on-one time with her family on vacation. She used to make the most of the stolen moments from her duty-packed schedule to have fun with the boys. 

Took the Kids on Royal Trips with Her

Princess Diana broke the tradition by insisting her kids come along on royal trips. Royal traditions insist on leaving behind the children with nannies and governesses when going on a royal trip. Princess Diana shocked the press by bringing nine-month-old Prince William on her first international trip. At that time, her step generated a headline buzz. It established a new tradition that focused on giving the family much-needed priority. Princess Diana brought her kids along to all corners of the world. 

Planned Family Vacations to Stay Close to Her Kids

Princess Diana managed to take some time out between her royal engagements and kids’ school semesters to plan family vacations. She loved to enjoy a family vacation with her kids. It allowed them to unwind and reconnect with each other. Princess Diana loved to dress her boys in matching outfits and ensure the boys had the utmost fun.

Enjoyed Annual Theme Park Trips with Her Boys

Princess Diana wanted her boys to have a fun-filled childhood. She and her kids enjoyed water park adventures annually. Princess Diana insisted on not receiving any special treatment when visiting the theme park with her boys. She and her boys stood in lines like every-normal family to take their turn to enjoy the rides and have fun. 


Princess Diana had always said that she lived for her sons. She knew their adult lives would be full of duties, challenges, and responsibilities. Princess Diana worked hard and made everything possible to give her kids a memorable childhood.

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