Different Styles of Commercial Kitchen Designs to Choose From

When it comes to foodservice business operation, designing an effective commercial kitchen setup plays one of the most vital roles. It ensures the functionality of the business for years to come. However, there is no one-size fits all kind of approach as far as commercial kitchen installation and setup is concerned. Are you also looking for commercial kitchen installation in Portland Oregon to maximize the effectiveness and practicality of your business?

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Then discuss with your professional commercial kitchen installation team regarding the type of design you wish to incorporate. Following are a few kitchen designs that may help you in building your perfect commercial kitchen. Check these out –

  • Assembly Line Kitchen Setup

In an assembly line kitchen design each dish follows the same path during its preparation. Such type of design is ideal for businesses producing large quantities of similar dishes in a short period of time. These setups are perfect for quick-service eateries and cafeterias. If you have a kitchen staff with limited skill set or you are new to the foodservice business then an assembly line setup is the right choice for you as it requires staff to carry out a narrow set of tasks that are repetitive.

  • Center Island Kitchen Setup

As the name suggests in this kind of kitchen setup the middle section is employed by a large island, usually designated for cooking. And the center island is surrounded by counters and other workstations that are essential for food storage, food preparation, plating and likewise. Such a setup makes it convenient for the head chefs to keep an eye on all the kitchen activities while giving instructions to the staff. This design enables a better team work. Hence such a setting is ideal for top-level restaurants that require a head chef to supervise the dishes to be produced.

  • Open Kitchen Setup

Open kitchen is a kitchen setup that incorporates all essential characteristics that other kitchen designs have but the twist here is its exposure for your patrons to see. Such a kitchen plan is ideal for any virtual operation, however, mostly well received in the restaurant that cater to clients that put greater value on transparency in how the food is being prepared. Also, in places where cuisine is considered entertaining to be prepared like a pizza center.

  • Zone Styled Kitchen Setup

Zone styled kitchen setups are divided into different zones or sections where each of zone has particular activity assigned like washing, food preparation, cooking and cold storage. You can customize the number and functions of these zoned stations. However, make sure to prioritize organization.

To know which styled commercial kitchen design is ideal for your foodservice business you need to keep the needs of your customers, size and shape of your kitchen and the requirements of staff in mind.

So have a thorough discussion about all these aspects with your commercial kitchen installation Portland, Oregon experts. Also ensure that they also offer appliance repair Oregon services to ensure continual functioning of your commercial kitchen without any issue.


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