Different Types of Face Masks and Their Use

With the spread of the hazardous COVID-19 pandemic, the world has become more conscious about health and wellness. And masks have become one of the most essential and high-in-demand tools to prevent and slow down the Coronavirus spread. However, people aren’t that aware of the different types of masks and their specialties till date. So the following post offers brief yet significant information on masks.

What are the different types of face masks available?

  • Disposable Protection Masks
  • KN95 Protection Masks
  • Cloth Masks

Two to three months back face masks weren’t that seriously taken, but with the novel coronavirus outbreak these became our personal protective equipment in no time. CDC recommends wearing face masks as a precautionary measure to protect against and slow the spread of COVID-19 along with hand washing and social distancing.

When do you need to wear a mask?

However, knowing which face mask to wear is as essential as wearing it. So when do you need to wear a face mask? Let us find out. As per W.H.O the virus spreads due to interaction with infected people at close distances. But determining who is infected and who is not isn’t that easy, so while you are in crowded place like a bus or public place wearing a mask especially if you are coughing and sneezing is highly recommended. Also, you are advised to maintain 6-foot distance from each other while in bus or grocery shop.

In short, wear a face mask when you are going to a public place or taking care of a COVID-19 infected patient or while coughing and sneezing.

What are the differences between the different face masks?

Let’s find out the differences between the different face masks so that you can understand which masks are right for your use.

  • Disposable Protection Masks

A disposable protection face mask helps in blocking large particle droplets, sprays, splashes or splatter which may contain viruses and bacteria from entering through your mouth and nose. However, make sure that the disposable protection masks you buy are approved by the FDA and is discarded after single use. You should wear these masks for protection of others.

  • KN95Protection Masks

KN95 protection masks capture about 95% of tiny particles from entering through your mouth or nose. It is an equivalent alternative to the N95 mask that is used in the US for higher standard of safety. Make sure you wear your KN95 mask close fitted to the face for an airtight seal and proper protection. However, these masks are highly recommended for medical professionals and front line workers in the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Cloth Masks

Cloth masks are recommended for general public for limiting the spread of the germs. Individuals without any symptoms should wear a cloth mask as a standard protection tool. Make sure to wash these cloth masks after each use for better safety.


Wearing a mask while in public setting is mandatory. By being careful and cautious we can fight back the deadly coronavirus. Disinfecting Machines provides disposable protection masks as well as KN95 masks of the highest grade at the best prices. So get one for you today and slow down the spread of the virus.