Nuts Tobacco Disposable Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD Cuvie

E-Cigarette – How To Choose The Right E-Liquid For It

When you’re new to the vaping world, picking the right e-juice type for your e-cigarette can be difficult. Compared to smoking cigarettes, e-juices avail in a wide range of flavors & different PG/VG concentrations to suit all tastes & vaping experience. Whether you like exotic, fruity, dessert or tobacco flavors, you’ll always be able to get the best flavor for you.



But what kind of e-juice works best with your e-cigarette? Here’s everything you should know

E-juice ingredients:

Every e-juice bottle features 95 percent of VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). The other 5 percent is flavorings & e-juice nicotine. Depending on the proportion of one to another, these ingredients offer diverse characteristic to your vape.

What e-juice is appropriate for my e-cig?

To answer this question, we first have to analyze the hardware. Today, there’re many different kinds of devices accessible on the market, some devices take cartridges, other pre-filled pods, but the the mainstream avail with a tank that should be filled with e-juice. There’re 2 kinds of e-cig that comes under this category MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) and Sub-Ohm (Direct Lung) devices.

New Vaper Must Know



As it ideally replicates the smoking sensation, mouth to lung devices are suggested to smokers as they produce a smooth shift into vaping. Mouth to lung devices are better suited for PG-based e-liquids as they offer a throat hit & generally work better with high nicotine strength.

MTL tanks employ thinner e-juices, like those comprised of 50 percent PG; this offers a delightful throat hit, and also a pretty enjoyable flavor.

Flavored Vapes



Sub-Ohm devices represent a very renowned option among seasoned vapers. Employing coils with resistance lower than 1.0 ohm, the Sub-Ohm vape devices have bigger e-liquid flow channels, and also modifiable airflow & wattage settings, which lets the production of large vape clouds when using HVG e-juices.

So what kind of e-juice should I use?

Well, it relies on the kind of e-cig you own, and also the kind of vaping experience you like. Different levels of VG and PG provide different vaping experiences.

  • Use a PG ratio or higher if you want to get a throat hit when vaping. Throat hit is a kick at the back of the throat which is offered by high nicotine potency. This is quite identical to the sensation of smoking a cigarette.
  • If you’re looking for stealth vaping use a high PG e-juice. High PG e-juices create very little flavor, so that way you’ll be allowed to keep vaping low key.
  • If you’re seeking smooth & intense flavor, use a high VG e-juice. It offers a smoother feeling on the throat and because of its adaptable power, it generates more vapor.
  • If you enjoy big vape clouds use a high VG e-juice. Using a HVG e-juice lets you produce huge clouds of vapor. Seasoned vapers participate in vape competitions which consist of producing dense clouds of vapor, and also different vape tricks.

Nuts Tobacco Disposable Pod (Pack of 3) by HQD Cuvie


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