Enjoy Winter Chill With Echo’s Melon Berry Freeze Disposable Vape

Dive into the icy depths of flavor with ECHO’s Melon Berry Freeze Disposable Vape, an enticing blend that promises a symphony of tastes to tantalize your taste buds. Brought to you by BNI Brands, this 8000-puff wonder is not just a vape; it’s a frozen melody of honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, and winter strawberries, all harmonized by a brisk menthol breeze. Let’s embark on a flavor journey that transcends the ordinary.

Flavor Unveiled:

Honeydew Harmony:

Picture yourself biting into a ripe honeydew melon on a scorching summer day. The Melon Berry Freeze captures that exact essence. The honeydew notes are sweet and succulent, setting the stage for a refreshing vaping adventure.


Watermelon Waves:

Immerse yourself in the cool, juicy waves of watermelon as you take a puff. The watermelon flavor in this disposable vape is not just a mere hint; it’s a tidal wave that washes over your palate, leaving a trail of satisfaction.

Cantaloupe Coolness:

The addition of cantaloupe adds a layer of complexity to the blend. Its slightly musky undertones complement the sweetness of honeydew and the watery freshness of watermelon. This vape isn’t just about sweetness; it’s about a balanced and nuanced experience.

Winter Strawberry Serenade:

Winter strawberries? Yes, you read that right. These strawberries are like no other – a frost-kissed delight that elevates the fruity ensemble. The juxtaposition of the chilly menthol with the sweet strawberries creates a dance of flavors that is both unexpected and delightful.

Menthol Magic:

The menthol component in the Melon Berry Freeze Disposable Vape (8000 Puffs) by ECHO is like a breath of fresh, icy air. It doesn’t overpower the fruitiness; instead, it enhances the overall experience. The cool menthol sensation lingers, making each puff invigorating and revitalizing.

Manufacturer’s Touch:

BNI Brands, the creative minds behind ECHO, have once again showcased their prowess in crafting a flavor profile that goes beyond the ordinary. The meticulous selection and blending of honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, and winter strawberries showcase a commitment to delivering an unforgettable vaping experience.

Nicotine Level:

With a nicotine level of 5% (50mg), Melon Berry Freeze Disposable Vape (8000 Puffs) by ECHO caters to both newcomers and seasoned vapers alike. It strikes the right balance, delivering a satisfying hit without overwhelming the palate.

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