Epicurean Elegance: Diving into the Luxurious Five Pawns 60ml Castle Long Vape Experience

Vaping enthusiasts are always on the lookout for exceptional e-liquids that promise a unique and satisfying experience. If you’re one of those enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat with Castle Long by Five Pawns. This 60ml bottle of gourmet vape juice is a masterpiece that combines a rich array of flavors, creating a vaping sensation like no other.


The Flavor Profile:

Castle Long by Five Pawns 60ml is a gourmet e-liquid that’s designed to tantalize your taste buds with a symphony of flavors. Here’s what you can expect:

Toasted Coconut:

The first note that hits your palate is the delicious taste of toasted coconut. This flavor gives the e-liquid a warm and inviting character.

Roasted Almonds:

To balance the coconut, Castle Long features the richness of roasted almonds. These nutty undertones add depth to the flavor, creating a mellow and satisfying vape.

Madagascar and French Vanillas:

The infusion of Madagascar and French vanillas introduces a creamy and sweet dimension to the e-liquid. It smooths out the flavor profile and adds a layer of complexity.

Caramelized Brown Sugar:

For those who appreciate a touch of sweetness, Castle Long by Five Pawns 60ml doesn’t disappoint. The inclusion of caramelized brown sugar provides a delightful sugary note without being overwhelming.

Subtle Essence of Kentucky Bourbon:

To top it all off, this e-liquid features the subtle essence of Kentucky bourbon. The bourbon note adds a sophisticated twist to the flavor, making Castle Long truly unique.

Manufacture and Brand:

Castle Long is brought to you by Five Pawns, a well-known name in the vaping industry. As part of their Original Series, Castle Long lives up to the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Nicotine Levels and VG/PG Ratio:

Castle Long is available in three nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, allowing you to choose the strength that suits your preferences. The VG/PG ratio of 50/50 strikes a balance between vapor production and flavor intensity.

End Note:

Castle Long by Five Pawns 60ml is not just another e-liquid; it’s a gourmet vape experience. The harmonious blend of coconut, almond, vanilla, brown sugar, and bourbon creates a well-rounded, mellow, and satisfying flavor that sets it apart from the crowd. If you’re in search of a vape juice that offers complexity, depth, and a touch of sophistication, Castle Long is a must-try.

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