Everything You Need To Know About the Cloud Chasing Techniques

Cloud chasing has been storming through the industry in recent months & now there is even full-fledged competitions with prizes ranging from free gear to cash. If you are thinking to enhance your cloud chasing techniques or just wish to master one of the hottest activities around, then you have come to the right place.

Cloud chasing is happen to define a competitive form of vaping. The goal is to find out who can produce the largest vapour clouds.

Cloud chasing needs knowledge and skills to conduct safely. Prior to getting started, you’ve to be aware of a few critical factors:

Battery safety: It’s critical to make use of the safest batteries out there. If you are not sure which batteries are safe, you better take advice of experienced vapers.

Airflow: An amalgamation of airflow & resistance is required. The lower the resistance, the more airflow is required. Your vapour can thin & disperse if there’s too much airflow.

Vape juice: Vegetable Glycerine usually produces more vapour than Propylene Glycol so ensure you make use of a vape juice with VG-dominant mixture.

Atomizer: Some vapers prefer to make use of RDAs for cloud chasing, but sub-ohm tanks are increasing in recognition. For highest cloud production, we recommend RDAs with airflow control.

Mod: It’s critical to make use of the right mod. Mech mods offer raw power but latest models are also not far behind.

Wicking: Making use of the right material & thickness is critical for e-juice and air to flow through the coils.

Coil Build: There’re innumerable builds that a vaper can make & each will have an impact on the vapour creation. Nonetheless, the more vapour produced, the lower the resistance.

Technique: It needs months of practice to master cloud chasing techniques, but right body stature, inhaling capabilities and exhaling methods will all assist.

Genetics: Some people born with a bigger lung capacity compared to others. Eventually, this’ll have an impact on the outcomes.

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